Something New on This Year’s Ballot

New Yorkers heading to the polls for the primary this June will find something completely different on their ballot — the chance to vote for more than one candidate running in the same race.

Recognizing the Role Black Women Played in the Movement

Many black women — such as Ida B. Wells, Elizabeth Piper Ensley, Mary Church Terrell, Juno Frankie Pierce, and Mary McLeod Bethune — who fought for racial equality and gender equality weren’t respected by white suffragists, forcing them to create their own suffragist movements.

Now It’s Time to Vote

Dear Editor: Some years ago, my colleague Louis Bolce and I published an article entitled “Our Secularist Democratic Party,” using survey and poll data documenting the drift toward secularism of the Democratic Party. The trend has only been accelerated in recent years.

Who Deserves Our Vote?

My dear brothers and sisters in the Lord, Winston Churchill, quoting one of his obscure predecessors, remarked “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.” This year’s election certainly seems to bolster the Prime Minister’s position. Many have commented upon and much has been written about the inadequacies of both the […]

Voting Is an Obligation

Dear Editor: Did George Weigel (Sept. 17), who normally offers insightful analysis, recently suffer a concussion? With so much at stake, how could he suggest not voting in the presidential election. First, it is a moral duty.