Thank You, Father Labita

Dear Editor: I remember Father Frank Labita from my days in Our Lady of Angels parish, Bay Ridge (“Priests Are Marking Their 65th, 60th Anniversaries,” May, 19). It was a wonderful era to have grown up in. I have only good memories.

God Bless You, Brother Jude

Dear Editor: Brother Jude was my guidance director when I was attending St. Anthony’s H.S. from 1973 through 1977 (“Brother Jude Byrne, O.S.F., Obits, Dec. 15”).

Bishop Kearney HS Closing

Dear Editor: They will never take our strength of excelling or our faith distributed within the educational system (“Bishop Kearney High School Announces Permanent Closure,”May 19). We are 1.2 billion strong and expanding. Good luck to all.

The Death of Jean Vanier

Dear Editor: Monsieur Jean Vanier – an inspiring and zealous member of the planet (“With Death Of Jean Vanier, Catholicism Loses a Living Saint,” May 18). May he continue to inspire countless others to serve our disabled brethren worldwide.

A Fierce Determination

Dear Editor: I had the pleasure of meeting Jessica when she was a baby (“Let Them Speak: Never Be Afraid of Being Yourself,” May 19). She trusted me enough to let me hold her; but I was told to lay her head on the table because she had no control, nor the ability to, lift it or move it on her own.

God Bless America

Dear Editor: ‘God Bless America’ I always thought was a paean to the wonders of America and Kate Smith was a great patriotic entertainer who was dedicated to our soldiers at war.

Evolution and St. Augustine

Dear Editor: The concept of evolution sits well with St. Augustine’s interpretation of creation but he would have treated the proposition of ‘natural selection as an impersonal force reacting only to physical circumstance of random mutations, merely to perpetuate biological life in whatever form it happens to take’ as a heresy.

School Choice

Dear Editor: Reader Gerald De Maio writes about school choice and the recent outrage by many since there is a lack of minority students (blacks and Hispanics) in the city’s specialized high schools (“A Catholic Solution,”Letters to the Editor, May 4). While Gerard’s letter is accurate, he fails to mention the dirty little secret that our politicians or the liberal media don’t want to touch.

Persecuted Christians

Dear Editor: The seemingly “new” assault, the depraved torture and mass murder of Christians and Catholics in particular, in places like Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Syria, Iraq, etc., are not really new, but in some instances, date back to Jesus’ earthly journey and institution of His Church (“Easter Attacks on Churches in Sri Lanka Are Tragic, but Hardly Surprising,” April 27).

Abortion and Mercy

Dear Editor: I wanted to express my profound gratitude to you for the beautiful Editorial you wrote in the April 20 edition of The Tablet! (“Rachel’s Helpers and the Mystery of Easter Sunday,” Editor’s Space). They sent it to me on Holy Thursday and I sat in my car and cried. What a gift of the Holy Spirit this was!