Advent – Living the Faith

Dear Editor: During Advent, we are told to prepare for the coming of the Lord and not to let that day overtake us by surprise. I just heard a homily where the celebrant mentioned everything from trimming trees, shopping, preparing meals, being kind to one another and living the Faith in order to prepare for the Lord’s coming.

Laywoman to Lead Parish

Dear Editor: Congratulations to Dr. Sauers! (“Connecticut Bishop Appoints Laywoman to Lead Parish,” The Tablet,

A Slight Element of Racism

Dear Editor: Thank you, Bishop DiMarzio for the listening session at Holy Family parish (“Listening Session Addresses ‘Original Sin of America,’” The Tablet, Dec. 15). It was great to discuss such an important issue that still permeates our Church. It was truly great to see that there were so many other people, not just in my parish, but many other parishes who also shared the same concerns as well.

‘Old’ St. John’s

Dear Editor: An inspiring description of days gone by (The ‘Old’ St. John’s Prep, The Tablet, June, 2017); it certainly brings back memories. I graduated the year after you , God bless.

St. Catherine’s Nurses

Dear Editor: I’m a 1965 Grad. (‘Reuniting St. Catherine’s Nurses One Last Time,’ The Tablet, Sept. 29) I am organizing a Nurses’ Honor Guard in Havre, Montana and thinking about my days at St. Catherine’s. They were so special!

Msgr. Perfecto Vasquez

Dear Editor: I was a parishioner of Guardian Angel Parish when Msgr. Perfecto Vasquez was pastor. After every Mass, he always said, “Let us do our best and God will do the rest.” This was deeply refreshing in a world that wants to do it all by themselves.

Abortion, Euthanasia

Dear Editor:  Mr. Tom Moreno’s letter, (Readers’ Forum, Nov. 10) really turns things upside down. It’s the Democratic Party that is the “Death” party.  I refer to their stance on abortion, euthanasia. Point in fact, just watch one of our ‘wonderful’ governor’s campaign ads if you have the stomach for it! I cringed and changed […]

Abortion and Violence

Dear Editor: In answer to Siobhan’s question (Siobhan O’Connor, Catholic Teachings, Readers’ Forum, Dec. 1): There are no politicians, right now, who fit this mandate. The sticking points seem to be abortion and poverty.

A Request for Information

Dear Editor: My people, who came to Williamsburg from Pescopagano, Italy, established a Societa’ Operaia San Francesco di Paola of Brooklyn, NY, in the year 1901. (“St. Francis of Paola: An Italian Refuge for 100,” The Tablet, Nov. 17).

Harsh and Biased

Dear Editor: It is unfortunate that the words of Pope Francis have been taken out of context in so many printed statements, including The Tablet. To print headlines such as, “Pope: Homosexual priests should be celibate or leave,”(The Tablet, Dec. 8) sounds quite harsh and biased.