A Petition for Mother Frances Cabrini

Dear Editor: I would love if there would be an online, or in The Tablet, petition campaign to send it to Mayor Bill de Blasio in regard to the statue controversy

Honor Mother Cabrini, Now More Than Ever

Dear Editor: Now more than ever a statue of Mother Cabrini would have been an asset to our city and a breath of fresh air amidst the issues which we are forced to accept daily (“Mother Cabrini Statue Nixed Despite Vote,” Aug. 24).

The Many Angles of Cardinal Pell Case

Dear Editor: I can believe that Cardinal Pell’s accuser was abused in church as a child, but not by the cardinal and not on that date either. The accuser’s life deteriorated shortly after the incident, he quit the cathedral school, started to take drugs, etc.

A Personal Experience at Our Lady of Knock Shrine

Dear Editor: I visited Knock some years ago with my wife and grown son, as part of a “Ring of Ireland” tour that also took us to Killybegs, my father-in-law’s birthplace in Donegal. This was after St. John Paul II had visited the shrine, and before Pope Francis made the same trip.

The Answer Lies in the Book of Genesis

Dear Editor: More on Darwinism: it doesn’t explain human language (“Getting Beyond Darwin,” Aug. 24). Animals have their own language which is limited to expressions regarding food, sex and emotional states such as alarm at the presence of a predator. But humans, having a rational soul with intellect and will, can communicate thoughts about art, philosophy, religion and morality.  Risibility the ability to laugh at incongruity, is something only humans have.

Diocese of Brooklyn — A ‘United Nations’ of Priests

Dear Editor: Faith is very much alive among immigrant communities (“A ‘United Nations’ of Priests Spend Their Summer in the Diocese,” July 27). Brooklyn is a home for many uprooted and homeless people.There is much to learn from these communities that rely totally on God’s providence.

Mother Frances Cabrini Dismissed

Dear Editor: The committee considering women to be honored with statues asked for names (“Mother Cabrini Statue Nixed Despite Vote,” Aug. 24).  If it is true that Frances Cabrini received more than twice the votes than the next name, then the decision to dismiss her from the list is puzzling if not biased. Is this […]

Self-Care Catholicism and Mindfulness

Dear Editor: I was very happy to see the feature entitled Self-Care Catholicism (Aug. 24). It is very important that we care for our whole selves – physically, spiritually, and mentally. However, it was a bit disappointing to see the topic of mindfulness addressed in the culturally accepted form which is Buddhist in nature and therefore not compatible with our Catholic faith.

Another Example of Religious Discrimination

Dear Editor: I read the article online by Wandy Ortiz and am disgusted with the decision of Chirlane McCray. It is obviously another example of religious discrimination. I am inquiring to see if The Tablet, as a Catholic media organization would start an online petition campaign to reverse Ms. McCray’s decision. Thank you!