We Should Pray

Dear Editor: In light of the recent extension of abortion procedures made legal by the dreadful leadership of Gov. Cuomo and the Democratic State government, Bishop DiMarzio makes a forceful case for not excommunicating Andrew Cuomo (Let’s Not Judge, Let’s Pray for Gov. Cuomo, Feb.2 ,2019).

Heart to Heart Ministry

Dear Editor: On Feb. 16th, a sunny and cold Saturday morning, Sister Ave Clark held her “Wonderful Women Retreat,” the first in her series of retreats to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her Heart to Heart Ministry.

This Heinous Bill

Dear Editor: The recent passing of the infanticide-friendly abortion law has an official name: “The Reproductive Health Act.” One might think, by its title, that it has something to do with reproduction (not killing), and the health and safety of both the mother and the baby.

A Steadfast Faith

Dear Editor: Deacon Franco’s steadfast faith despite his experience of abuse is inspiring (“A Moment of Grace, Affirmation and Vindication,” March 2).

A Golden Opportunity

Dear Editor: Did bishops, priests and deacons miss a golden opportunity to speak about the horrific legislation passed legalizing late term abortions during their homilies on Sunday, February 3?

Women Voters

Dear Editor: When will the women voters realize that the Democratic Party and Mr. Cuomo are no friends of theirs or of the Catholic Church?

We Can Move Mountains

Dear Editor: Bishop DiMarzio, in his brilliant speech to the Cathedral Club (Put Out Into the Deep, Feb.16) calls elected official to be the voice of Christ in the halls of power and for us to support candidates who reflect good moral values.

The Igbo Community

Dear Editor: Thank you very much, on behalf of the Igbo community at St. Fortunata for the coverage(“Nigerians Celebrate Holy Family’s Flight,” March 2).

Does March for Life Work?

Dear Editor: I read with interest the letter of reader Carl Battista in the February 23, 2019 issue (Readers’ Forum, “A Modern-Day Herod”).