Catholic Sisters Week In The United States

Dear Editor: March 8-14 is Catholic Sisters Week in the U.S. While the last 50 years has seen a dwindling number of religious vocations there is much hope for the future.

Trump’s Courageous Fight Against Abortion

Dear Editor: The Tablet should reconsider its protestations of evenhandedness given its repetitive publication of letters containing false slanders without rejoinders (Readers’ Forum, February 8).

The Unity of the Church And the Kingdom of God

Dear Editor: The Church has a purpose — to produce saints for the Kingdom of God. The Unity of the Church is secondary to its primary purpose — inspiring people to give up doing their own will in order to do God’s will (“The Role of the Pope Emeritus And the Unity of the Church,” The Editor’s Space, Feb. 2).

Why I Am Not a Democrat Anymore

Dear Editor: I am having an extremely hard time listening to the platform of the Democrat National Party. They seem to campaign with two mantras: They hate Donald Trump and they voraciously defend abortion. It really doesn’t matter who the Democrat is. The message is still the same. Their second mantra is one of the reasons why I left the DNC decades ago.

Nancy Pelosi — The Poor And the Persecuted

Dear Editor: Your editorial (“Remembering What Nancy Pelosi Forgot,” Feb. 29) calls out Speaker Pelosi for not mentioning Christians in her prayer. She asked God’s help for several groups by name; it would seem to me that “other religious minorities, often unseen and unnamed” might include Christians.

It’s Time to Be Courageous And Persevere

Dear Editor: I was very pleased to see and read about our pro-life president (“Trump Makes History at March for Life,” Feb. 1), but in shock about full pages about discerning Democrats (“Catholic Iowa Democrats Weigh Choices,” Jan. 25).

No More Hatred! When Will This Insanity Stop?

Dear Editor: The recent vandalism against  Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Bayside and its parish school is yet another very disturbing example of how hate crimes are continuing  to increase at a frightening pace in our area.

Queens College Lost a Part of its History

Dear Editor: When Father Paul Wood passed away last week, (“Chaplain at Queens College Remembered,” Obituaries, Feb 8, 2020) Queens College lost a part of its history. I am the “unofficial historian“ of the college, and I can say that without fear of contradiction.

The Accepted Rules of Right and Wrong

Dear Editor: The general attitude of people has changed. Instead of wanting to be proud and responsible for ourselves, the general public seems to believe that right and wrong have changed. Anything  you can get away with is  OK.