Bishop Caggiano

Dear Editor: He’s my bishop now (“Bishop Caggiano: Accountability Key For Bishops’ Summit,” The Tablet, Oct. 27) and I’m thankful for that, for his support of our Traditional Latin Mass community in Norwalk. I have a feeling, however, that he’s destined for a much bigger stage than Bridgeport, Conn.

Bring Back the Latin Mass

Dear Editor: When the Mass was in Latin I loved it because everyone in our community was there. We were all so close. At attendance were Irish, Italian, Philippine, Polish, Spanish and many more. It was great when we got together to fundraise for the church. I learned so much their traditions, foods and beliefs. We never left Mass without stopping to chat.

The Synagogue Massacre

Dear Editor: When I heard about the mass shootings in the Tree of Life Synagogue in the city of Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood on Saturday, October 27, 2018, my first reaction was to pray to God for mercy on their souls and to pray to Our Lady of Sorrows for her loving grace and consolation for all the families affected by this violence.

To Attract Attention?

Dear Editor: Headlines are to attract attention, and readers, and offer a snapshot of a story. I’m not disturbed by this headline (Wealthy Catholics to Target Cardinals with ‘Red Hat Report,’ The Tablet, Oct. 13), but I would also point out that, quite reasonably, people with considerable discretionary cash would be preferred guests in the limited rented space available to the organizers.

Listening Session On Race

Dear Editor: I’m writing to congratulate the author of this article, Marie Elena Giossi, on her superb reporting on the article “Inclusion Is A Concern at Listening Session On Race.”

Unholy Compromise

Dear Editor: Father Anthony Raso’s exegesis in The Tablet of Oct. 6 (Sunday’s Scriptures) reveals that we have modified scripture by “little adjustments” so as to be nice. He decried such adjustments because they constitute a radical shift from Divine Revelation and lead to darkness.

Mercy First, My Home

Dear Editor: Some memories can fade in the wind and some will remain like the place of my infancy that closed its gates. I always return to the home I knew as the Angel Guardian Home. There I stand gazing upon the rustic towering gates remembering my place of security, where orphans rest their cries upon the Sisters of Mercy.

Bravo, Papa!

Dear Editor: It was refreshing, and reassuring, to read in this week’s Tablet of our Holy Father’s reaction to the recent charges leveled against him by Archbishop Vigano.

We Share in a Rich History

Dear Editor: Thank you, Ms. Powell (Why Am I Still A Catholic?, The Tablet, Sep. 19). Your rhetoric on this subject is excellent. As members of the Church, the laity have the same potential as clergy to live the Gospel and be a light for others. We need not think of ourselves as holy in the sight of God, but if we strive to practice living the Beatitudes and Commandments, including loving our neighbor as ourselves and maintaining a humble and honest life we can continue to deepen our faith and enjoy a deep connection with the Triune God while experiencing true spiritual joy.

Church and Media

Dear Editor: Well, Mr. Lancucki, that was quite a letter! (“An Anti-Catholic Bias.” Readers’ Forum, Sept. 26) I hope no one agrees with you regarding the media’s attention to criminal activity within the Church as a cover for Democratic politicians and the party itself.