A Chance to Relax During a Very Hot Summer

Dear Editor: Thank you for inviting me to submit (and publishing) my summer reading list (“What the Diocese is Reading,” July 20). It is an honor to be in the company of such luminaries.

The Magnificent Life of Kaitlyn Bernhardt

Dear Editor: The article “Brooklyn Teen on Early Road to Sainthood Remembered at St. Bernard’s Parish,” by Antonina Zielinska, on July 6 was a moving eulogy and testimony of the short but magnificent life and ministry of Kaitlyn Rose Bernhardt… a very beautiful, blessed instrument and messenger of God’s love and desire for the salvation of His earthly creations.

Are We Still Capable of Coming Together?

Dear Editor: These are scary times. We no longer seem capable of coming together to fix our problems. The two sides disagree on who runs this country. And, sadly — it is no longer possible to settle the question through elections, because they don’t even agree that elections are how you decide who’s in charge. That’s the basic issue here. Who decides — who runs the country? When parties hate each other and can’t accept the election results, you have what our country is about now! When you stop accepting election results you have a countdown to a civil war.

Father Bob Blauvelt

Dear Editor: It is hard to imagine that anyone could better teach the meaning of love, divine and human, than Father Bob Blauvelt. Through personal example and the Cursillo he inspired The Tablet editorial staff to accept and promote the message of Vatican II.

Mother Cabrini, a Great Role Model

Dear Editor: There should be a public memorial of Mother Cabrini in New York City. Yes, a statue should be erected to her, especially in view of the Mayor’sefforts to evidence increased statues of women in NYC, pointing to their contributions to our society.

The Effects of Abortion

Dear Editor: Sadly, we see the effects of abortion on demand mutating and infecting the minds, hearts and very souls of the millions of those men and women which have followed the Roe v Wade generation, which ushered in the culture of death. I speak of the children who have been brainwashed and trained to hate without reason and their predecessors.

Cruel, Inhumane Treatment

Dear Editor: As a person of faith who believes in the basic human dignity of all people, especially the most vulnerable among us, I am appalled by the recent reports of the cruel, racist, inhumane treatment of migrant children held in U.S. custody.

Baby Monica’s Funeral

Dear Editor: Thank you to The Tablet and Currents News for covering the funeral of baby Monica at Our lady of Perpetual Help in Brooklyn.

The Catholic Joyce Family

Dear Editor: James Joyce would agree with the June 8th editorial: “The Courage of the Newly Ordained.” In his story “The Sisters,”Joyce reflects, “I wondered how anybody had ever found in himself the courage” to be priest.

Closing St. Joseph HS

Dear Editor: I am saddened by this – I graduated from St. Joseph’s in 1963 (“After 115 Years, St. Joseph HS to Close in 2020,” May 25).