She Built NYC: Catholic Religious Sisters

In the She Built NYC initiative to honor women of historical significance, it should be known that Roman Catholic religious sisters have had a significant impact upon the life of New York City for over 200 years beginning with St. Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton, Foundress of the Sisters of Charity.

A Cyberspace Battle Saves A Life

Dear Editor: Very recently I witnessed a battle in the ongoing spiritual warfare being fought at an abortion mill, by way of iPhone text messaging and sidewalk praying. It seemed like a lost cause.

The Important Role of Mother Cabrini

Dear Editor: As an immigrant, I recognize the important role Mother Cabrini played in the life of immigrants from all nations. How can the administration in City Hall on one hand welcome all immigrants, regardless of documentation and with the other refuse to honor an immigrant who did do much for others?

Climate Change, Global Warming and Politics

Dear Editor: Many Christian conservatives are surprised that some Catholic schools marched against “climate change,” which was first called “global warming” (“Students Rally for Climate Change,” Sept. 28). I also remember reading about the “global cooling” of the 1970’s. In addition, I remember reading that NYC would be “under water in 2015.”

When Did We Stop Being Kind?

Dear Editor: I think the ‘Start with Hello’ program (“Our Lady of Grace is some ‘kind’ of school,” Sept. 14) is spot on and I know other Catholic schools are implementing similar programs.

The Tragic Death of Police Officer Brian Mulkeen

Dear Editor: New information has come out from the NYPD police commissioner. Officer Brian Mulkeen was killed by friendly fire during a fight with Antonio Lavance Williams who tried to take his gun.

Frances Xavier Cabrini, Blatantly Ignored

Dear Editor: It is a noble gesture to honor Mother Cabrini by establishing a fund to erect a statue of her in Brooklyn (“Mother Cabrini, a Heroine  Who Should Be Recognized,” Put Out Into the Deep, Sept. 28). But it grants the city, by preemption, its responsibility to recognize what the majority of recently surveyed New Yorkers consider Mother Cabrini to be as a public figure, and as a woman who made “extraordinary contributions to the city and beyond.”

How Many Lives Have They Saved?

Dear Editor: It’s my pleasure to know Catherine Donohoe and appreciate how hard she and the others work at Bridge to Life. The rewards come in different ways. In selfless ways. The way God intended.

Who Should Pay for the Mother Cabrini Statue?

Dear Editor: I plan to be there for the procession on Oct. 6th (“Mother Cabrini, a Heroine Who Should Be Recognized,” Sept. 28). My only regret is thinking that we have to raise the funds for such, when the “She Built NYC” committee has $10,000,000 set aside for such statues in our City.

October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Dear Editor: October is Breast Cancer awareness month and it is a reminder for all of us to do something. Throughout the month of October, women are encouraged to make mammography appointments. In rare cases, men can also come down with breast cancer.