Bilingualism Is Our Catholic Treasure

If you attend any major Catholic gathering throughout the United States, chances are that talks are offered in the two predominant languages in which most Catholics worship in the country, namely English and Spanish.

The Question of Hispanic Cardinals

Why ask the Hispanic cardinal question? For nearly 14 months, Catholics engaged in the process of the Fifth National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry have been naming key concerns about their experience in church and society. Meaningful leadership is at the top of such concerns.

Speaking About Race With Hispanic Children

by Dr. Hosffman Ospino

MY 6-YEAR-OLD son came home after school and unexpectedly asked my wife and me: “What am I?” The question caught us off guard. “What do you mean,” we replied. He said, “Am I Mexican? Are people who speak Spanish Mexican?”

A New Moment for Midwest

The appointment of Hispanic bishops as ordinaries of dioceses in California, Texas or Florida is rather common. This is not surprising since most Catholics in the South and the West are Hispanic.

Mother and Child in Hispanic Catholic Eyes

by Dr. Hosffman Ospino

MAY IS TRADITIONALLY a month when Catholics turn our attention toward Mary more intentionally. Marian processions and crownings in parishes and schools remind us of childhood. I love processions!

Two Episcopal Firsts, Two Different Times

ON JAN. 9, 2017, I was at the Mexican American Catholic College in San Antonio, Texas, speaking to a group of second-year theology students from Saint Meinrad Seminary in Indiana.

Through Hispanic Catholic Eyes

by Dr. Hosffman Ospino U.S. CATHOLICISM AND the Hispanic experience in the second decade of the 21st century practically go hand in hand. The evidence? Well, just look around. Look at the families attending Mass in our parishes, the children being baptized and receiving first Communion, the faces of young Catholics today, the various rhythms that give life to liturgical music in our parishes, among other signs.