CRS Calls For International Aid To Be Increased to $73 Billion

In recent testimony, the head of Catholic Relief Services requested that Congress increase international humanitarian aid in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget to almost $73 billion, as climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic have diminished economic opportunities and caused greater poverty and food insecurity across the world’s poorest nations.


Catholic Relief Services on the Ground in Moldova Helping Ukrainian Refugee

When Caroline Brennan met Ukrainian refugee Mahamudoff Gazym at an overcrowded bus station in Otaci, Moldova, he spoke about the questions his grandchildren ask that he doesn’t have a concrete answer to: “Who is making all the sounds of the bombs? How long are we going to sleep in the car?”

Catholic Relief Services Seeks Safety and Prosperity in El Salvador

Catholic Relief Services, which operates several programs in El Salvador, is worthy of support, said retired Auxiliary Bishop Octavio Cisneros and an engineer from that country who now lives in Queens. Their observations coincide with the start of the 2022 Rice Bowl Lenten almsgiving program sponsored by CRS. 


Catholic Relief Services Works to Aid Farmers in Madagascar

An aerial image of Grimaud’s home in southeastern Madagascar shows three frail single room homes on a small plot of land surrounded by dense forest. Grimaud, a farmer, supports five children through a handful of products that earn him a nominal wage.