Catholic Relief Services Works to Aid Farmers in Madagascar

An aerial image of Grimaud’s home in southeastern Madagascar shows three frail single room homes on a small plot of land surrounded by dense forest. Grimaud, a farmer, supports five children through a handful of products that earn him a nominal wage.

Catholics Debate Biden’s Waiver Of Property Rights For Vaccines

Two U.S. faith organizations on the front lines of the global coronavirus response stand with the federal government in support of waiving intellectual property (IP) protections for COVID-19 vaccines, in an effort to help the poorer countries get more doses.

One Way the Church Makes a Difference For Millions

Some people wonder why, as Director of the Propagation of the Faith, I would also be interested in promoting Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Some have seen these two arms of the church as competing organizations. I see them as complementary! Both are important missionary organizations.