Our Youth

St. Dominic’s Youth Celebrate Diversity for World Youth Day 2019 Fundraiser

(Photos:Bensonhurst Cluster Youth Ministry Facebook)

The countdown has begun. It’s officially three months until millions of Catholics from around the world will meet in Panama for 16th international World Youth Day, Jan. 22-27.

Parishes around the diocese that are sending delegates to Panama have hosted various fundraisers throughout the year in support of their young pilgrims.


St. Dominic, Bensonhurst, hosted International Night Oct. 13. The night included cultural cuisines and a variety of performances that showcased the vibrant  Latin and Central American cultures.

“‘We Are One Body’” was the theme song to the first World Youth Day I went to in 1993 in Denver, Colo.,” said youth minister Kenny Wodzanowski.

“To think, 25 years later I am getting the chance to lead youth to my seventh World Youth Day in Panama! It’s called fundraising because it is supposed to be fun while raising money.”

Guests of all ages who came to support the youth represented the beauty of the universal Church.