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Spirit of the Law

Dear Editor: In regard to abortion, we have come down to the “letter of the law” versus “the spirit of the law.” None of this should surprise us since we tried to re-define the word “is” during a recent presidency. These days the word for re-defining is “procures.”

Canon Law 1398 is clear – “a person who procures a completed abortion incurs latae sententiae excommunication” (automatically). So once again we are conveniently trying to re-define a verb to shelter whom? The politicians? Us? Of course!

The definition of the word procures means to obtain, to acquire, to bring about, to effect. In Latin it is defined as “to take care of, manage for someone else.”

Cuomo and numerous other politicians certainly took care of or managed the abortion by their legislative actions.

Ergo, latae sententiae excommunication prevails.

Also, while mulling this over, consider the future. If you are on Medicare or Medicaid be wary of the knock on the door down the road.The politicians have decided your situation is financially unsustainable so you are being erased. (By then we’ll have a more palatable phrase like a government’s choice, people’s choice, people’s right or subject to redundancy).


Belle Harbor

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