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Cuomo: Spin and Duplicity

Dear Editor: Gov. Cuomo, like most political hucksters, is a master of spin and duplicity who sadly, believes the vitriol and egocentric slight of hand and “religious hocus-pocus” which he pukes out in defense of murdering born and unborn babies. Shame on him and those who advise him, if anyone can do such a evil task.

The bottom line may not be in this world, but rather, when he stands before the Throne of God, in Final Judgment. There will be no spin there. But, God will be surrounded by the millions of babies, who were denied the privilege of doing God’s chosen task that they were sent here to achieve, perhaps, cures for diseases, an end to poverty, worldwide hunger, war and hate, etc, by virtue of Cuomo’s evil, satanic driven, legalized death sentence at the hands of an equally savage abortionist’s tools and chemically scalding solutions.

We can fools each other’s with well formed lies and spin, but no one can fool, God. Pray for Cuomo, but pray more loudly, for the babies, that he is personally, responsible for murdering.


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