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Excommunicating Cuomo

Dear Editor: Excommunicating Governor Andrew Cuomo is exactly the response he wants from the Catholic Church. By announcing New York State is onboard, he singles himself out as a loyal ultraliberal member of his party and welcomes the attention he is receiving. Moral principles go out the window and are replaced by political ambition and a quest for power. Watch out, Governor.


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Dear Editor: I never thought the day would come in my lifetime where killing infants is ok in the name of women’s rights! Cuomo must not have a soul so, yes, I pray God opens his eyes, his heart and his mind. I pray the rosary daily, as it is my comfort and my only hope against this “late term abortion/murder” law!

A woman’s body is holy and she is blessed with the ability through God’s grace to give birth to a new and innocent human being. When did we become slaughterers? I am heartsick and pray for us all!


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Dear Editor: Governor Cuomo must be very surprised and on the defensive by the public outcry and rejection to the infanticide law he signed on Jan. 22 (“Gov. Cuomo Vows to Pass Abortion Rights Bill,” The Tablet, Jan. 12). His ideas and actions regarding the Reproductive Health Act should cause profound negative effects in public opinion about his present popularity and future political career, not only in New York State but on a national level if he is entertaining the idea to run for the presidency.

The governor’s arguments seem to emphasize the separation between his religious and political views, but in this case, the argument is simply between what is intrinsically immoral and evil and what is moral and good. The right to life is an essential human right that must be protected and guarded by any constitution, whether by a state like New York, or by the U.S. Constitution. The right to life is the essence of the Law, for we were created for life, not for death.


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  1. I am against abortion because I firmly believe that every fertilized egg is a gift from God to the world. But, I also believe that not only are fertilized eggs gifts to the world but every born human being !
    So why do we cover our ears to the families of children killed by gunfire ? People say that liberals hide behind “ women’s rights” to defend abortion but then they hide behind the Second Amendment to defend gun rights. Why do we cover our ears at the screams of children separated from families or their screams as they are killed upon returning to Guatemala or Honduras as we hide behind immigration laws ? Why do we cover our ears at the screams of families whose children have been injured by lead poisoning or by insecticide while we hide behind the economic policy of capitalism ?
    Anti- abotionists need to widen their view of what constitutes human life, and how those lives need to be protected. All life is precious and a gift from God to the world.

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