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Reactions to Elections

Dear Editor:  In regards to Patricia Kenney’s letter (Nov. 5), I beg to differ in all aspects.

In 2008 during which time Obama and HRC (Hillary Rodham Clinton) were both vying to run for the presidency, I was paying close attention to what was being said. It was HRC campaign staff who at that time started suggesting that Obama was not born in the United States. It is HRC who should ask for forgiveness from the American people about the lies she has been spewing for the past 30 years, such as Whitewater, Travel-gate,  Clinton Foundation and Benghazi, etc..


Little Neck 


Dear Editor: Mr. Trump has used many proud words in his bid for election. He is now a prisoner of those words.

This was, by no means, a landslide election. While he won in the Electoral College, he did not have the popular vote. Half the country expects that he will act on his words; the other half fears he will act on those same words.

He has a Republican House and Senate. Ordinarily, a House and Senate majority would be empowering. However, he has made many enemies along the way…many in his own party. Governing will not be easy for him. Indeed, it is not easy for anyone.

Following the election, on his first visit to the White House as president-elect, Mr. Trump appears out of his element… maybe a bit intimidated by the task in front of him. Where is the bluster we saw in the campaign? Hopefully, that bluster is gone and will be replaced by humility, dignity, moderation and awe for the great honor and trust the country has bestowed upon him.




Dear Editor: It will never be said in the local or national media that when in the final debate Hillary Rodham Clinton carefully chose her words to protect the pro-choice law to terminate a pregnancy – Yes, even in the ninth month!

It used to be a question even amongst pagans at what time does a fetus become a human being. Pray tell me … what doctor, scientist, atheist or kumquat ever debated the life of a full-term baby?

All Ms. Clinton said to now President-Elect Donald J. Trump was an arrogant response “Oh stop being so dramatic!”  Suggesting some type of lethal injection so maybe Planned Parenthood can use the baby’s body parts and organs.

Now I knew Heaven sealed her fate because even Latinos who may hate Trump would cringe at aborting a baby at nine months and for their love and fear of God they would fill in the circle on election day for Donald J. Trump because he would protect human life in the mother’s womb by appointing Supreme Court Justices that would safeguard against 21st century “King Herod’s Slaughter of Innocents!”

Now many are shocked to wake up to the presidency of Donald J. Trump, who became anointed for his stand against abortion. God will bless such a bold move and because we decided, God will bless this nation!




Dear Editor: It boggles the imagination just how Donald Trump won the presidency.  But I believe the reality is that it really should not have been such a shock. If the general public (the electorate) actually paid attention and met their responsibilities as U.S. citizens to just stay informed, instead of just accepting years of slanted, incomplete and sometimes even wrong information from the news media, it should have been more obvious.

Someone once said to me, you would not let someone come into your living room and empty their garbage pail on the middle of your rug, but you let people put garbage into your brain and it is all right. All that really happened in this election is the validation of the old adage attributed to Abe Lincoln, “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

People finally noticed.

So what happened was the Establishment corruption was finally exposed and they lost their credibility.

My worry now is that we might let one of the major co-conspirators of the folly, the news media, slip away and not be held accountable. With no real accountability or true transparency in any situation it always leads to corruption.

My question now is who is more corrupt – the politicians or the news media?

And of course let us not forget ourselves, the general public for not staying informed.


Jackson Heights


Dear Editor: The most unlikely candidate for president was President-elect Donald J. Trump who has achieved a monumental upset against Hillary Clinton. He now has won the most powerful position in the world. And added to the fact he never ran for public office before.

Yet he has done so because of his love for the America and the American people. President-elect Donald Trump ran for the highest office in the nation because he believes America could do better for the hard-working people who he believed were forgotten.

Hillary Clinton lost in part because she ran against a man who had a greater vision and a dream for all Americans. Now is the time to unite America with so many problems that need to be addressed.

I believe President-elect Donald J. Trump is the personification of his slogan, which is, “Make America Great Again.” And that is because he has a dream that he believes can be achieved.

Let me wish President-elect Trump success. We the people are counting on him.


Glen Oaks Village


Dear Editor: So maybe Saints Thomas Aquinas and Thomas More got fed up with the Faithful’s lackadaisical attitude toward those who would “foment revolution” in our Church and decided to take some action. I mean, what mortal amongst us could have orchestrated such a masterful event as finding classified American intelligence information on a computer belonging to the infamous “Carlos Danger“?

A double wham! If that doesn’t wake us up, we Catholics will be facing schism in the most innocuous ways.


Howard Beach

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