Troubled by Francis

As The Tablet Sees It (July 29) asked readers to tell what they think, about the article by Fathers Spadaro and Figueroa and Pope Francis’ feelings toward conservative Christians who voted for President Trump.

Let’s Pray for President

Dear Editor: Congratulation to the Editor on his level-headed response to the Letter to the Editor titled “Not a Fan of the President.”

HHS Mandate End in Sight?

The president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops again has called on President Donald Trump to ease the “onerous” contraceptive mandate of the Department of Health and Human Services under the Affordable Care Act because it violates religious freedom.

The Facts Are Out There

Dear Editor: I am baffled first by the Editor’s Note in response to “Not a Fan of the President” (July 1-8). I thought it was a bit hostile. It seemed, to me, that you attacked his right to express his opinion. To call his thoughts a “knee-jerk reaction” was not in line with our freedom of speech and democratic way! He supported his statements with policies that the president has put forth.

Texas Bishops Disappointed AG Seeks to End Immigration Policy

After a Texas attorney general gave the Trump administration an ultimatum to end a policy protecting young migrants or face a lawsuit in September, the Catholic bishops of Texas expressed disappointment in a letter to the state official and blamed Congress for the uncertain future the migrants are facing.

Give President a Chance

Dear Editor: I am responding to the “Not a Fan of the President” letter by Edward Wawrynek (July 1-July 8).

Stop the Name Calling

Dear Editor: Some of the letters about President Trump truly amaze me and it shows how closed-minded some people are who only vote party.

Not a Fan of the President

Dear Editor: Your recent editorial “setting the record straight” concerning President Trump’s meeting with Pope Francis was interesting for what it said, but more so for what is being overlooked.

Misjudging the President

Dear Editor: Paul Markowski (June 17) seems to assume a privilege to repeat demagogic characterizations of President Trump simply because these are popularly taken for granted.