Letters to the Editor

President Misunderstood

Dear Editor: I think there is some misconception about President Trump’s action regarding DACA.

President Obama incorrectly and unlawfully created DACA five years ago by presidential edict, thereby usurping Congress’ constitutional power to enact laws.

President Trump correctly cancelled President Obama’s edict and put the DACA issue where it properly belongs – in Congress, where the issue will be debated upon and DACA will either become law, or not.

That is how it should have been addressed all along, but President Obama, true to form, sidestepped Congress and issued an edict.

I don’t know why people are upset about Trump’s action. Nothing will change for now and will not, until Congress acts. Americans have always been for fair play, so I don’t believe that any children would be punished just because they were brought to the U.S. illegally because they had no control of their parents’ actions.

It’s bad enough that President Trump has to deal with the likes of Antifa and BLM. He shouldn’t have to deal with bishops saying that the proverbial sky is falling. Let Congress do its job.



Dear Editor: The hysteria surrounding President Trump’s rescinding of the Executive Order (DACA) of former President Obama is a bit over the top. The executive overreach by President Obama was not only inappropriate, but also was unconstitutional. Congress is tasked with writing our immigration laws, not the President.

As for the U.S. Bishops reaction, was there a big protest by them when FDR had Japanese-Americans rounded up into internment camps?

Or when Jimmy Carter banned and deported Muslims?