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Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Lives

Dear Editor: When did we allow political correctness run (or in this case, ruin) our lives?

It is now 2020, a presidential election year. One of the main issues that concerns me is abortion. I have made no secrets to my friends and family is that I am 100% pro-life. I make no secrets or exceptions for anything. I am a Catholic and that is what my faith teaches me.

The problem is that many other people who are pro-choice (I prefer to call them pro-death) look at us as if we are the pariahs of society. It is so rampant that even other folks who are pro-life are often shouted down, thought of as crazy and/or shunned completely.

Ask yourself how many celebrities are pro-life. It is kind of hard to come up with a number because they prefer to keep their identities a secret for fear of losing work or anything else.

I am no fan of Donald Trump, but one of the issues he has defended is being pro-life. On the other side of the coin, we have some people in the Democrat Party who proclaim that they are Catholic, but boldly push and defend their pro-death agenda. Look at New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, United States Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden. They are just three of many politicians who claim to be Catholic.

The irony here is that these very pro-death folks are the ones who complain and protest Trump’s policy about children who are, for a brief period of time, separated from their parents at the border. These children aren’t maltreated in any way whatsoever. They are just being detained until these immigration matters are resolved. In the end, they are returned to their parents. What happens to the children who are aborted? They are killed. In some cases, they are often killed at the moment of birth. They are ripped to shreds in the mother’s womb. They are never returned to their parents. Their lives were ended before they could take their very first breath. So, which situation is worse?

It is this issue alone that makes me want to vote for Mr. Trump right now so that the unborn may have a chance to live their life. If the Democrats/Liberals are really concerned about children as they say they do, instead of pushing for abortions, they should push for adoptions instead. Give these unloved and unwanted children to a family that would give that love to them.

When will people finally wake up and see abortion for what it really is? It is outright murder, plain and simple. When will people realize that they, too, were once a fetus as well? When will they realize that they, too, could have been aborted and trashed? Why do they forget the sanctity of life? I ask myself these questions every day.

Maurice Bernier 

Springfield Gardens

One thought on “Political Correctness Is Ruining Our Lives

  1. Fortunately many Catholics are like myself and will see beyond one single issue. Many if the so called “pro life” politicians are the least supportive of catholic issues. If you want to force a woman to make a decision that will change her life forever you should be ready to offer support for healthcare daycare and everthingvekse that child will need for their lifetime. Then and ONLY then can a leader claim to be truly pro life.