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Only In Print: Celebrate the Risen Lord with Easter Bread

Joe Motta, manager at Caputo’s Bake Shop, twists two ropes of dough into a single braid (right) before forming a ring and placing eggs to be baked into the bread. (Photo: Bill Miller)

CARROLL GARDENS — Rings of Easter bread, or Pane di Pasqua in Italian, exuding the aroma of sweet cake, emerged from the oven of Caputo’s Bake Shop the day before Palm Sunday.

Three sizes of the Pane di Pasqua were on display. They came in large, medium, and “singles” embedded with a traditional egg at the center. The singles, one observer said, resemble “a big old donut.”

But not the same, responded James Caputo, owner of Caputo’s Bake Shop, a fixture in Carroll Gardens since 1904…

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