Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Sept. 18, 2021

FEMA Reimbursements to Catholic Schools

Dear Editor: It is outrageous that our schools need to wait 6-12 months, and perhaps longer, to receive a determination from FEMA with regards to whether testing and other safety expenditures related to COVID will be reimbursed while public schools receive preferential treatment (“Schools in Diocese Yet to Receive FEMA Reimbursement,” Pages 6-7). 

As we all know, our schools, which provide a high-quality education to thousands of children, have been under tremendous financial pressure well before COVID and desperately need these out-of-pocket costs to be reimbursed quickly.

The “p.r. machine” must shout loudly and often about this.

Dominic Ranieri


Former Governor Pataki

Dear Editor: It was good to hear from a public figure, who has been a long time away from the public eye! Bill Miller’s article (“Former Governor Pataki on Cuomo, Religious Freedom and NY’s Need for a ‘Change in Direction’,” Sept. 11) was a call to awareness of the unhappy direction our beleaguered state has been led in by many who hold power. As if we needed to be made aware. Wish we could have Governor Pataki again.

When talking about Cuomo’s handling, or rather mishandling the COVID crisis, here in the epicenter of the virus, he states, “This is something that, if it’s not criminal, it certainly should result in any and everybody involved being fired and removed from state government.”

Well then, doesn’t that include Governor Kathy Hochul? As lieutenant governor, surely she was involved in day-to-day operations at that time. Or, was she absent from government operations for a year?

Instead, she is still here, flexing her muscles, legislating the unlawful attack on our freedom to work by the unconstitutional vaccine mandate for all healthcare workers.

These are honest, hardworking people who have dedicated their lives for 20, 30, or 40 years. Now they are faced with losing their livelihood, without any unemployment benefits, and are told “we will resign you” all at the easy stroke of her pen.

Geraldine Gazzara


The 9/11 Statue at Breezy Point

Dear Editor: It was a great photo of Jesus with the World Trade Center at Breezy Point in your 9/11 Commemorative Section of the Tablet (“Memorials in the Diocese,” Sept. 11).

There is an interesting story I’ve heard on how it came to fruition. In 2012, Father Bryan Carney, a Brooklyn Diocesan priest, discovered the sculpture in a shop in Medjugorje, Bosnia, during one of his many pilgrimages to the area.

The sculptor was from Croatia and expressed that he would be very happy to see the statue go to the New York area and find a final resting spot. The sculptor had a brother living in New York and he was praying that someone from New York would make the purchase.

It was either by providence or coincidence that he walked into that shop.

Father Bryan had many ties to Breezy Point and loved the community. Using his own money, he purchased the statue and arranged for it to be shipped to Breezy Point, and donated the statue. Later, several anonymous donors helped to defray some of his costs.

As many of us know, Medjugorje has strong ties to the Blessed Mother. It is very fitting that the sculpture is now on display in a parish that also has strong ties to the Blessed Mother.

Martin James Ingram

Breezy Point

The Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio

Dear Editor: Having served as an educator in the Diocese of Brooklyn from 1998-2020, when the Most Reverend Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio was chief shepherd, never once, not even for an instant, did I doubt the honesty and sincerity of the bishop’s words.

I was convinced that the new norms for handling sexual abuse allegations, “Vos Estis, Lux Mundi,” would render the outcome that the allegations contained “no semblance of truth.”

As Jesus taught, “The truth will set you free.” It was the truth that set Bishop DiMarzio free.

Further, I believe the civil lawsuits against Bishop DiMarzio, too, will be found to have no merit.

Sister Dorothea Jurkowski, CSFN

Monroe, Conn.