Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor Week of Sept. 25, 2021

Derek Jeter …. Biden Sues Texas … Higher Learning

Dear Editor: The author, Jim Mancari, as an avid Met fan, did the “humble thing” by greatly extolling the newest Yankees Hall of Famer, Derek Jeter (“Always Humble’ Derek Jeter Enters Baseball Hall of Fame,” Sept. 18). Derek Jeter does indeed embody all the attributes of a great athlete, sportsman, teammate, and human being! He truly merits this award. God bless him.

John Lavenburg’s article regarding the Texas abortion law (“Biden Administration Sues Texas Over New Pro-Life ‘Heartbeat’ Law,” Sept. 18) brought forth a scathing response from New York’s Governor. Oh great, now Florida is “The Sunshine State,” Georgia is “The Peach State,” Kentucky is “The Bluegrass State,” and New York will be called “The Abortion State.”

Regarding institutions of higher learning, those that place the unconstitutional burden of vaccine mandates upon students and new young men and women who want to apply but not get the experimental jab, I say to them and their parents: Save your hard-earned money.

Take a year off, it will not harm your psyche. It might just put you on a better career path! Who knows, this horror just might be over by then.

Moreover, these institutions only teach subversion, anti-American gibberish, and maybe even socialism.

Geraldine Gazzara


Deep Catholic Contributions to Abortion Simplicities

Dear Editor: The Sept. 18 editorial “As a Culture Loses Heart, Pro-Life Unity Can Still Heal” captures, I think, the conflicting thoughts about the Texas law allowing any citizen to sue abortion providers,  including abetters, like taxi drivers, from any abortion after any semblance of a heartbeat can be detected.

You directly ask, “Could the law all just be political theater to appease, rather than to truly protect the unborn?” And you challenge the pro-life movement “first to examine itself and its opposition, and then to spread the truth about the sanctity of life.”

A key source is the Vatican endorsed Catholic Nonviolence Initiative and the official Catholic Peace Representative Pax Christi’s text advancing nonviolence and just peace in the Church and in the world. And we have a Pax Christi group right here in Brooklyn for those who want to know more.

Jim R. Kelly

Bay Ridge

New Social Justice Curriculum and Religion Class

Dear Editor: Catholic parents this week received a letter from Superintendent Thomas Chadzutko outlining the new social justice curriculum for the diocese, which is to be taught during religion class. I must admit when I first heard about this I wasn’t pleased; not that I’m against social justice, but the term today is so politicalized that I fear that this curriculum might be influenced by the secular world. In the outline, it states that kindergarteners “will learn about how holidays are celebrated in other cultures.”

There is nothing wrong with teaching this, but should it be taught during religion? So many children who attend Catholic schools don’t even know the basic tenets of the faith. I suggest keeping social justice for social studies class as the outline points out much of it is taught already in social studies. One just needs to go to any number of our parishes on a Sunday to see how sparse the young population is. Maybe we can change this trend if Catholic schools give religion its fair due and not mingle it because it looks good politically.

Our Lady of Fatima pray for us.

Joseph Puntino


On Yom Kippur

Dear Editor: In his epistle to the Romans, St. Paul tells of the mystery of the Jewish people unfolding in salvation history. He reminds in verse 11:29 that the promises of God “are irrevocable.”

So that even today their witness and presence among us is unfolding according to God’s plan. In fact, Isaiah says in Chapter 2:2 that a day will come when all nations will stream to God’s renewed holy mountain in Jerusalem.

These few weeks, and especially on Yom Kippur, Catholics should marvel at, and perhaps join, with our brethren in faith to ask for forgiveness and grace and guidance from the one true God. We are on a journey together.

Raymond F. Roberts, Jr.

Bergenfield, N.J.