Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of October 17, 2020

Attacks on Amy Coney Barrett’s Catholicism

Dear Editor: Catholics must treasure their faith and speak out against the consistent anti-Catholicism in our society, manifested again in the attacks on Judge Amy Coney Barrett  (“Judge Barrett’s Comments, Writings Offer Clues to How She Might Decide Supreme Court Issues,” Oct. 3) 

Catholic teaching calls us to be responsible members of society by performing spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Many Catholic charitable organizations help people of all faiths in many countries. Religious communities started hospitals to care for the needs of all. Our Catholic school system educated girls and the poor. Sister Katharine Drexel started a school for black students and suffered abuse because of it.

Catholics adhere to a strong family tradition including marriage.

We are lectured by amoral politicians that our principles must be rejected while they pass despicable laws simply to get votes.

Patricia Gregorek

 There Are Many Pro-Life Issues to Consider

Dear Editor: Thank you for pointing out in your column (“Reality Won’t Confirm Our Political Preferences,” Editor’s Space, Oct. 3) reasons not to reelect this president: failure to deal with Covid 19, resumption of federal executions, and unwillingness to commit to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election. 

I would add the cruel treatment of immigrants, the encouragement of ultra-right nationalist groups, and the failure to pay taxes or to release his statements. 

The president may be pro-life when it comes to abortion but in many other areas — the environment, climate change, health care, immigration reform, structural racism, and severe income inequality — Vice President Joe Biden is the better pro-life candidate.

Barbara McGillicuddy Bolton
Park Slope 

Editor’s note: My column, citing a series of news events, tried to show how we have to form our own conscience in order to vote because politics will never give us a clear answer to our ethical questions.

Kudos to Gov. Cuomo for Honoring Mother Cabrini

Dear Editor: I would like to applaud New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for dedicating a statue of the Italian-American saint known as Mother Cabrini in Lower Manhattan, on Columbus Day (Statue of Mother Cabrini Unveiled in Battery Park, Oct. 17).

New York City Mayor de Blasio’s wife, Chirlane McCray, omitted Mother Cabrini  from a list of women to be honored with statues. Gov. Cuomo did not forget Mother Cabrini. 

St. Francis Xavier Cabrini was born in 1850 in what is now the Lombardy region of Italy. Mother Cabrini immigrated to the United States in 1889 and when on to found schools, hospitals, and orphanages. She was canonized in 1946. 

As Grand Knight of St. Anastasia Knights of Columbus Council # 5911 in Douglaston and of Italian heritage, I find this to be a most-proud moment for my fellow Italian-Americans. Here was a nun who acted on her faith and dedicated her life to helping others and had made a difference. It is good we finally have recognized a good woman, a good nun, and a fine human being.

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

Civil Wedding Rings and The Sacrament of Marriage

Dear Editor: I want to thank Msgr. Achacoso for explaining to the couple about the blessing of the rings (“Can Rings for Civil Wedding Be Blessed?” Oct. 3). People forget the meaning of the sacrament of marriage. We need to re-educate the next generation everywhere we can.

Robert Scott

For Too Long, We Have Remained Silent

Dear Editor: Although I agree that we will never eradicate abortion through laws alone, I recognize the tremendous cultural effect, establishing personhood for the unborn would have on our culture (“Dignity of Human Life Transcends Politics,” The Editor’s Space, Sep. 19). Once we accept the truth, backed by science, we must strive to do all we can to achieve the protection of the unborn under the 14th amendment, by recognizing that the unborn are persons.

Changing hearts and minds to make abortion unthinkable will only come about through the loving education of women with respect to their true “feminine genius.” The feminist movement of the 60’s completely hijacked and distorted this truth. 

Our hope for future generations will depend on our resolve to begin to teach these “truths” in the schools, and the Churches. I absolutely believe that we can turn the narrative by speaking the Truth. For too long, we have remained silent while young women have been deceived and betrayed. Our current culture is unsustainable, but by the Grace of God, we can turn this culture into a “Culture of Life” and, by doing so, make abortion “unthinkable.”

Pamela Menera

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Week of October 17, 2020

  1. Barbara MiGillicuddy’s letter: The same tired old clichés against Trump: He did NOT mishandle the virus and sending a ship to NYC for patients, getting masks delivered to every state, that even Governor Cuomo commented, I can call [President] Trump in the morning, and he will have supplies sent in the afternoon!” It was Obama who put up those cages and sent back more immigrants than any previous administrations and sent troops all over as well as destroying Libya which previously had a high standard of living. Also, where can one document that Trump encourages right wing groups. Has any right wing group incidentally brutally attacked anyone as ANTIFA regularly does. The Tablet has lost it’s credibility especially when printing litters such as Father Joe’s.

  2. Yes, Pam, you’ve got that right! Our youth have been bamboozled by lies having no support from the society concerning any glimpse of truth they might have heard. Personhood does not only teach the truth about the dignity of the human person from conception to natural, true death, with no exceptions and no compromises, but Personhood also teaches the arguments to defend that position, even with the difficult cases when Bills come out. It is in taking that defensive approach that present the golden teaching opportunity to our youth & society about the Truth.