Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of June 26, 2021

The Layers of Intergenerational Justice

Dear Editor: It was a relief to see letters pointing out the contradiction of calling immigrants “illegals.” The idea of people questioning the legality of those coming here, working jobs Americans do not want, would be laughable were it not so tragic. It is no less hateful, hypocritical, or dehumanizing than those who, having been birthed and nurtured by their own mothers, turn and refer to the unborn as “parasites.”

Our era will certainly be remembered by future generations for its complete disregard of what Pope Benedict called “intergenerational justice.” Americans waste a pound of food per person per day, on average, and without it being composted, the vast majority of that organic matter is removed from the food chain forever. Is the crisis of running out of topsoil, expected in half a century on any of our moral radars? Each day, as many as 150-200 species of God’s creation are pushed to extinction, and up to 80,000 acres of rainforest are cut down. If we cared about our grandchildren as much as ourselves, we would not deprive them by so depleting their future.

Joseph Muller


The Eucharist and the State of Grace

Dear Editor: When I was growing up in Brooklyn I went to St. Barbara’s (closed many years ago), and I learned not to receive Communion unless I was in a state of grace. Abortion is a grave sin as is encouraging others to have an abortion or making others pay for someone else’s abortion. So if President Biden wants to go to church he should in all good conscience refrain from receiving Communion.

However, he continues to do so. Is that right? If I commit a grave sin I would refrain from receiving Communion until I can go to confession. Should Biden not be held to the same standard? If not, then why do others have to follow any of the Church’s teachings? Biden’s priest should talk to him and tell him he cannot receive Communion because he is committing a grave sin. If he continues to go to Communion what does that say? Does it say that he doesn’t believe in what the Eucharist means? If he doesn’t follow church teachings, doesn’t he make it easier for others to commit this sin? Doesn’t the priest have an obligation to withhold a sacrament from someone who is not in a state of grace?

Is the priest “weaponizing” the Eucharist by withholding it or is Biden desecrating the Eucharist by receiving it? I think Biden is playing politics with his religion, not the other way around. He sets a terrible example because he makes a mockery of our faith.

Hildegard Bachman

Oakton, Virginia

The Most Precious Body & Blood of the Lord

Dear Editor: If the sole purpose of communion is to unite us, then why don’t we give Holy Communion to everyone, regardless of religious belief? Won’t that surely lead to world peace? Maybe we don’t even need the Sacrament of Reconciliation for doesn’t that divide us and exclude others?

We Catholics at this point in time, I think, desperately need a renewal of catechism. We fight and defame each other every election cycle and we get at best, ambivalent guidance from our religious leaders. Perhaps we need to read more Scripture in our religious education? Deeper discussions of delicate issues like contraception, abortion, and gender issues? Be not afraid. I assure you that our children have heard it all — all the wrong things — from public school teachers and/or peers.

Matthew 7:6 and Revelation 3:15 come to my mind when I observe how nonchalantly a lot of us regard this most holy of sacraments: this presence of our Lord, this source and summit of our faith. We alone in the Catholic Church believe in transubstantiation (not consubstantiation). The sacrament of Communion is not merely a community fellowship (joyful though that might be) where the bread and grape juice are symbolic.

CCC 1385 states “Whoever, therefore, eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the Lord.” Perhaps someone might argue that even Judas received Communion from the hand of the Lord Jesus himself during the last supper, but is that really the example you want to follow?

Cynthia Gonzalez

Fresh Meadows

Elected Officials and the Hyde Amendment

Dear Editor: Church hierarchy is asking us to contact our elected officials regarding  the Hyde Amendment. We had a sitting president who not only kept his promise not to undermine the Hyde Amendment but openly gave the Right to Life Movement his support.

But some prelates didn’t like his mannerisms, his vocabulary, and his stance against illegal immigration. Mind you, they did not really look at any of his policies that worked for the benefit of the American people, except for immigration. Some preferred, then candidate, Joe Biden, who mouthed all the words that they wanted to hear.

Now Biden is supporting unrestricted abortions, transgender rights, and other liberal agendas, along with getting rid of that pesky Hyde Amendment. Those of us who have followed Biden for the last 40 years can tell you he goes where the big money tells him to go.

You believed a politician who has been a flag in the wind for the last 40 years. Now you are asking Catholics to convince our liberal Senators — Schumer and Gillibrand — and our liberal representatives to save the Hyde Amendment.

I do not think that this will end with the outcome that the bishops’ want.

Maria F. Giganti