Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of July 3 & 10, 2021

Celebrating July 4th

Dear Editor: Late one night in July 1776, a young man from the colony of Massachusetts, exhausted from the day’s deliberations but too emotionally charged to sleep, took a quill pen in hand. Writing to his wife, Abigail, he described a momentous event that took place earlier in Philadelphia.

In years to come, he predicted, that day would be remembered as “the great Festival.” The man? John Adams. The event? Adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

So, here we are once again on July 4. His vision was prophetic!

The Declaration of Independence is stored in the rotunda of the National Archives Museum in Washington. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Federalist Papers are documents of our unity, our power, our thought, and our purpose as a nation. They have no other character than that which we give them from generation to generation.

July Fourth is a good time to remember our wonderful heritage and some of the many blessings we take for granted. We often treat with indifference the sound foundations of our nation’s life that were laid by consecrated and industrious hands. We should be grateful for the documents which have safeguarded our liberty and not allow them to be destroyed by malicious minds or by those blinded by prejudice.

Many lives have been invested for this nation’s survival through pain and death on behalf of those sacred documents. The rewards of their vision with the blessings of The Almighty have been laid out before us. Let us not destroy that vision nor blessings with a deluge of words, like rain, accompanied by a drizzle of thought.

Pray that He bless and protect our military, unify and bless our country. Pray that He helps us achieve lasting world peace. Amen.

Peter Theodore Koniuch

Yorktown Heights

Why Would Tourists Want To Come to New York?

Dear Editor: The latest shooting in Times Square, which injured a Marine who was here as a tourist and sent other people running for cover, again is reflective of how unsafe our city streets continue to be.

With this being the second incident in recent weeks of people being hit by stray bullets in Times Square, why would tourists want to return to the city? Gun violence and hate crimes continue to be major problems, as well as scores of homeless and released felons roaming the streets.

The dedicated, hardworking NYPD is doing everything within its power to attempt to bring order and safety back to the streets, parks, and subways. More funding for the NYPD is what is immediately needed, and there should be absolutely, positively, no bureaucratic red tape standing in the way of that happening as soon as possible.

Bill de Blasio has caused so much collateral damage to this city. The city council needs to have a backbone and stand up to him as well as to Governor Cuomo, who has caused even more destruction to this city and state in more ways than one. New York City is no longer a safe city to either live in, work in, or visit.

This once vibrant metropolis is gone with the wind forever.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

Holy Communion Controversy

Dear Editor: In response to Mr. Tengs’ viewpoint that Holy Communion is being used as a political weapon (“Turning Holy Communion Into a Political Weapon,” June 19), I found it reaffirming that many people are so poorly informed about the sacredness of this sacrament.

In replying “amen” upon receiving the host we are acknowledging that we are receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. To compare what is one of the sacraments instituted by Christ to social issues such as healthcare, funding education, etc. is completely misunderstanding the teachings of our faith.

I can only assume those who think the same as Mr. Tengs have either not been properly educated in Catholic precepts or they wish to pick and choose which truths they want to accept. Practicing Catholic public officials’ behavior needs to be consistent with the Church’s teaching or else their actions will spread falsehoods about our basic beliefs.

Elizabeth McGuinness

Howard Beach

Where Do You Stand?

Dear Editor: Where are our religious leaders? Where are Catholic, and Christian, and Jewish, and Muslim worshipers? America is not a perfect country but our history has shown we have always tried our best to correct our faults over time. Yet with our faults, millions of people from every country in the world want to live here because in their country they don’t have the same laws to protect them.

The breakdown of the family structure: Parents are taking the easy road to parenting, instead of holding children accountable for their actions and taking the time to listen to children when they have a problem.

Defund the police, no bail for criminals, catch-and-release: Most Democratic cities are following those new policies and the crime rate is skyrocketing out of control. Unfortunately, you don’t hear too much from religious leaders denouncing those policies made by politicians.

You need law and order to have a peaceful society. That means you have to stand up for your religious beliefs, and our laws, otherwise we will crumble like all past societies.

Richard Kevin Murphy