Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor, Week of June 19, 2021

Voters Have Spoken

Dear Editor: Many Catholic voters elected a president that provides federal funding for overseas abortions and believes in the abolishment of the Hyde Amendment.

Many Catholics voted against the most pro-life president that will ever be elected to that office and appointed three pro-life conservative justices to the Supreme Court with the hope of protecting the rights of the unborn.

I guess mean tweets, an orange tan, and bad hair are more important factors than protecting the lives of the unborn for many Catholics.

Richard Conte
Levittown, NY

Where Does Freedom of Speech Stop?

Dear Editor: The Hyde Amendment and The Mexico City Policy are U.S. laws forbidding funding for abortion with public money. These laws are being currently abrogated by the current administration. The president himself publicly lends unrestrained support to the Abortion and Equality Act which further diminishes the Church’s stance on these issues of faith and morals.

Many Catholics are already unwittingly joining the bandwagon with him. Even the hierarchy is divided on this issue. Yet, our area of secular engagement (e.g., politics), constitutes our active field of evangelization in fulfillment of our great commission. The Church must form the conscience of society and not vice-versa.

George Weigel (“Vatican II on Catholics in Public Life,” May 13) quoted the Vat II document, Gaudium et Spes, which declares that such Catholics are incoherent and incommunicado with the Church. Why the equivocation in disciplining such people even if politely?

This attitude disparages our already suffering Church and is not admissible as to one’s right to free speech.

When communist China persecutes our underground churches, we are sad and moan. But here, the world’s most powerful man is dismantling the Church’s core beliefs. Free speech must not be allowed to cross the red line.

Victor Chukwudi Enemuo


Turning Holy Communion Into a Political Weapon

Dear Editor: Denying communion to politicians who support abortion or gay rights is turning holy Communion into political retaliation. Holy Communion, which unites us, should not be turned into a vehicle that divides us.

We as a people should move away from using holy Communion as a punishment. Could the argument be made to deny communion to those who don’t support health care, funding education, or building the wall?

Is every viewpoint to be seen through the idea that denial of communion will be used against me as a weapon of retaliation?

Anthony S. Tengs


Ticker-tape Parade a Fitting Honor

Dear Editor: The announcement by Mayor Bill DeBlasio that New York City is going to have a ticker-tape parade for all of our essential workers up the Canyon of Heroes on July 7th is the best news this city has received since this awful pandemic began.

It is aptly befitting to honor all of the workers, leaders, and organizations that have been assisting New Yorkers during this unprecedented medical crisis.

This is their moment to shine in the glory of being rightfully and respectfully recognized. All of us in this city, as well as the nation, owe these wonderful people our sincerest gratitude and appreciation for all that they have done and continue to do for us.

God Bless all of you and your families, and God  Bless the U.S.A., the greatest country in the world, always and forever. We have finally rounded the bend in the battle against COVID-19.

John Amato

Fresh  Meadows

Keep Up the Good Work

Dear Editor: I am writing to say how much I enjoy reading The Tablet each week.

The articles and columns are interesting and I enjoy doing the crossword puzzle. I’ve cut out a number of the recipes and sent them to my sister-in-law, who likes to cook. Who composes the crossword puzzle? It is rare that I get 100%, but I try my best.

Thank you and your staff for an excellent paper. Keep up the good work.


Jeanne Clancy

Jackson Heights