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Leave Trump Alone!

Dear Editor: Regarding the July 18th Tablet editorial. Seriously? Donald Trump should be congratulated for making the topic of illegal immigration open for discussion. The word here that so many people choose not to recognize is “illegal.” The media and now The Tablet is making it sound as though he accused all Mexicans of being thieves and rapists. He did not. Trump was making a strong point that when the border is not secure, criminals will also be let into the country.

The Tablet stated that his comments have distanced him from his fellow GOP contenders for the presidency. You also mentioned that Lindsey Graham stated that if we don’t reject Trump’s way of thinking, we’ll have lost our way, and we’ll have lost the moral authority to govern this great nation. He has got to be joking. Moral authority was lost when abortion and now same-sex marriage became law. Control of our country’s sovereignty will be lost if we do not stop illegal immigration.

Instead of Republicans distancing themselves from Donald Trump’s remarks, they should listen to what he is saying. Why do you think he is getting such high numbers in the polls? Because he is saying what the ordinary citizen is saying and thinking.

Politicians have been talking out of both sides of their mouths for years. They want to please everyone and not offend anyone because they want the vote. It is so refreshing to have someone stand up and tell it like it is.

I am a Catholic woman happily married to an Italian-born man who came here as an immigrant. My grandparents came here as immigrants from Poland. My son’s wife came here at the age of eight from Russia. My brother-in-law came to the United States from Argentina. I have a family of immigrants. They all came here legally.


Mill Basin

Dear Editor: The Tablet’s position on Mr. Trump (July 18) and the secular media makes me sick. I along with Trump like the Mexican people but not those who broke our laws and entered this country illegally. In case you don’t know, 36 percent of Mexicans are in our prisons and we have Mexican gangs in Long Island terrorizing our American residents there.

In 1912, the Mexicans called for a revolt and drafted the Plan of San Diego to take back Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and California and to put to death all whites over the age of 16. Now when we try to elect a strong leader, people just don’t see his way. What a shame!

Charles Struse



Dear Editor: Here’s my prediction: Donald Trump makes history becoming our nation’s 45th president as an Independent. He vows to build a great wall along the Mexican border, but more importantly he is determined to get things done with absolute success so he begins mending bridges with his foes for the sake of his country he so loves. Moments after winning the national election, he calls John McCain to his side and said, “Do you remember John, when we were kids, before the age of political correctness, we would often say, ‘Right or Wrong, whether I agree with you or not, I will defend to the death your right to say it!’ Maybe you could not do much for the veterans with the former administrations. With the support of this president, I can make what you want for veterans with the approval of a working compassionate Congress possible. Also let it be known that all immigrants that come to our front door with their aspirations in peace are always welcome with the utmost hospitality!

“I also expect Ford Motor Company to move back to Detroit before I take office Jan. 20, 2017. To all American corporations that absconded, I welcome you home and I will make it worth your while!”

Few president-elects in our nation’s history acted so progressively to save this great nation before taking the oath of office.



One thought on “Leave Trump Alone!

  1. For over three years I have had my coffee at Starbucks TRUMP
    TOWER the home of THE DONALD and hospitality, respect and kindness is garnered to visitors from all around the world including the HOMELESS of NYC from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm 365 days so I know this roaring lion has a compassionate side and just demands you act civil. His security staff dressed in tuxedoes treats EVERYBODY who doesn’t cause trouble like VIPs per orders from Donald Trump! Actions do speak. louder than words.