Brooklyn Priest Prays At Republican Meeting

When Msgr. Kieran Harrington delivered the invocation on the opening night of the Republican National Convention, it wasn’t just a coincidence that he ended up on the same stage where high-scale politics would dominate for four days.

Freedom of Speech Trumps IRS Regs

One plank of the Republican Party’s platform that is not getting a lot of publicity is worth our attention. It could be an important game changer when it comes to the Church and politics. Presidential candidate Donald Trump introduced his vice presidential pick by reviewing a list of the issues the team would be supporting.

Skewed Analysis of Trump

Dear Editor: I was moved to respond after reading two columns in the May 14 edition – one written by Father Anthony Raso, “Unlikely Apostles, Then and Now,” and the other by George Weigel, entitled, “Now What?”

George Weigel

Now What?

What is the thoughtful Catholic voter to do when neither presidential candidate is even minimally committed to human dignity, the common good, subsidiarity and solidarity, as the social doctrine understands those concepts?

Let’s Offer Real Solutions

Dear Editor: I would like to reply to the statement in the Readers’ Forum (March 26) by E. Lopez: “That Donald Trump is not fit to be president, is a given.”

Weigel Unfair to Trump

Dear Editor: George Weigel’s column (March 12) “Resisting the Demagogue” adds to the frenzy of media slander of Donald Trump, largely orchestrated and financed by the internationalist monied elite. They fear Mr. Trump because they haven’t been able to buy him out like the rest of the establishment politicians.

It’s Not Obama’s Fault

I beg to differ with George Weigel’s column (Resisting the Demagogue, March 12) that the Obama administration’s fecklessness has caused the dangerous world we live in.

George Weigel

Resisting the Demagogue

YOU’VE GOT TO have a good memory for mid-Sixties pop music to remember the Seekers, an Aussie quartet that once vied for the top of the British charts with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones (and did quite well here in the U.S., too). But this isn’t a pop culture quiz; it’s a reflection on our increasingly disturbing 2016 presidential election, with a little help from, yes, the Seekers.

George Weigel

Catholic Letter Writers Denounce Trump as a Demagogue

“Donald Trump is manifestly unfit to be president of the United States. His campaign has already driven our politics down to new levels of vulgarity,” said the letter from two prominent Catholics, Robert George and George Weigel.

Pope’s Dignified Words

This past week was a major one for Pope Francis. To say that he was the focus in the news would be an understatement. His visit to Mexico was historical; his stop in Cuba was ground- breaking; and his comments on the airplane back, as well as his last Sunday’s Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square proved, once again, why he is the most important thinker in the world today.