Bishop Healy Vaulted From Slavery to Servant of God

James Augustine Healy in 1875 became the first bishop of African-American heritage in the U.S. He was the son of an Irish cotton planter father and a mixed-race mother who was a slave. This family from Georgia also produced two other priests, two nuns, a hardware dealer, and a famous ship captain.

Biden Signs Flurry of Executive Orders In His First Days 

In his first days in office, President Joe Biden wasted no time trying to reverse his predecessor’s policies. He signed several executive orders seeking to overturn policies that former President Donald Trump put in place.

Asylum-Seekers Along Mexican Border Express Hope With Biden in Office

Idalia Reyes remembers the desperation that drove her to seek out smugglers to take her children, unaccompanied, to the United States. Reyes and her children lived in a tent camp along the Rio Grande, where they endured crime, cold snaps and infestations of insects and snakes.

In the 2020 Presidential Election, Immigration Is About Two Americas

The way two panelists at a key immigration conference see it, the issue Donald Trump ran on in his successful 2016 campaign emerges in this year’s presidential contest much the same way it did before: as a battle between a group seeking to stop demographic changes and one embracing them.

Harris Seen as Progressive Partisan Who Can Pivot

Kamala Harris’s campaign positions on immigration reform, aid to refugees, and poverty, align with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. But some Catholics won’t approve of her stance on abortion. Some advocates of religious freedom claim Harris has been openly hostile to their beliefs.

Don’t Turn Away From Suffering on Border, Urges Sister Norma Pimentel

In an opinion piece in The Washington Post daily newspaper, Sister Norma Pimentel, known for her work with migrants on the U.S.-Mexico border near Brownsville, Texas, made a public plea July 6 to keep an eye on the plight of asylum-seekers during the coronavirus pandemic.