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Fake News

Dear Editor: And I suppose you get your news from “fake news” CNN or MSBC? (“We Held Our Noses to Vote, Readers’ Forum, Nov. 29). But I actually read the news about Trump and the so-called lie of Trump mocking of the disabled reporters from a Catholic site.

And my friend is a witness to the truth concerning Muslims (not all of course) celebrating 9/11.

I believe sometimes we close our hearts and minds off to the truth when our hate consumes us. I try not to let that happen but I will not accept lies told by the leftist hating, race-baiting, name-calling liberal news outfits whose obsession and hate of Trump is sickening.


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One thought on “Fake News

  1. I wrote that letter that ms. Sheehan referred to (we held our noses ). However, the things that she was upset about was not in my letter at all. She must have confused my letter with someone else ‘s. All I said was that I voted for Trump because I can’t vote for the Clinton machinery.

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