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We Held Our Noses to Vote

Dear Editor: It would be ideal if we the people can still vote for nice, decent candidates from either party who could represent our interests. Sadly, that time has long gone. If a Christian/Catholic, or Jewish person understands his/her religion, practices it and loves those same values that this country’s founding was based upon, I cannot fathom how one can vote for the Democratic Party. During the 2016 presidential primaries, I felt this gut-wrenching feeling of doom as my favorite candidate was eliminated and this obnoxious person emerged as winner.

A lifelong evangelical Christian friend and I discussed our options of moving to Canada but we realized that Canada’s progressivist politics has already taken them where we do not want to go and so, we held our noses and voted against the Clinton machinery. Hey, at least this guy loves America and he has the guts to say so!! And he will not force the Little Sisters, EWTN, Catholic Charities, Hobby Lobby, etc., to pay for birth control and abortions. Is that populist nationalism, and is it a bad thing for Americans? Did we likewise put a label on Obama politics? I don’t recall so.


Fresh Meadows

6 thoughts on “We Held Our Noses to Vote

  1. “This guy” has disrespected a journalist with cerebral palsy, instituted an immigration policy that separated young children from their parents, skipped memorial ceremonies on Veteran’s Day. Need I go on with the ways he loves America?

    1. Siobhan O’Connor,
      This so-called guy that you so disrespectfully call our “President” has done more to advance the pro-life, pro-family and religious liberty issue, not to mention those veterans who served our country, than any other President. Let’s not forget that President Obama did the same as Trump and separated children from their parents with not one outcry from those who claim Trump is “mean”.
      What is the real truth about these liberal talking points and “fake news” that Trump knowingly disrespected a disabled journalist. If he did I would be the first to criticize him but it was all a lie..
      How soon we forget Obama’s policies of violating religious liberty, forcing Americans to cover abortifacients and abortion in their health care, violate their religious liberty by forcing them to promote same-gender confusion. And what about Obama’s famous words about “people who cling to their guns, God and religion” or “deplorables” by Hillary? Remember the IRS scandal or James Rosen?
      Yes, Trump tells it like it is, sometimes with no class but at least we know where he stands. He’s not deceptive like Obama and Hillary.

  2. There is enough video and Twitter evidence to disprove the idea of “fake news.” Donald Trump has defended neo-Nazis, endorsed a candidate who liked underage girls, and refused to condemn the Saudi prince responsible for ordering the murder of a journalist. To say that he has “no class” is an accurate assessment.

  3. Let’s get the facts out: It all started when Trump claimed that people in NJ celebrated the 9/11 attack and the Washington Post did a fact check and claiming there was no evidence (by the way my friend actually walked in the middle of people celebrating on 9/11 in Brooklyn!) Imagine their surprise when Trump found evidence of one of their own reporters reporting the same thing! Now enter Trump at a rally where he impersonated a groveling reporter backtracking, not mocking his disability. Soon after the “fake news” insinuated that he was mocking him.

    As for defended Neo-Nazis (never did that) endorsing a candidate who liked underage girls (Slick Clinton come to mind) and not condemning the Saudi prince (millions to murderous Iran by Obama) what about Obama sitting in a church for 20 years where the minister G-damns American every week. I guess that’s real class.

    1. And I suppose you get your news from “fake news” CNN or MSBC? But I actually read the news about Trump and the so-called lie of Trump mocking of the disabled reporters from a Catholic site.
      And my friend is a witness to the truth concerning Muslims (not all of course) celebrating 9/11. I believe sometimes we close our hearts and minds off to the truth when our hate consumes us. I try not to let that happen but I will not accept lies told by the leftist hating, race-baiting, name-calling liberal news outfits whose obsession and hate of Trump is sickening.

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