Letters to the Editor

Respect and Admiration

Dear Editor: I left the State of New York before Bishop DiMarzio became Bishop of the Diocese of Brooklyn. But my heart still has a huge place reserved for my county and Church in Brooklyn.

I have kept up with Bishop DiMarzio and happenings in the Diocese through my reading of The Tablet (“From Conception to Natural Death,” Feb. 9). I respect and admire him.

Unfortunately, my new state is half a step behind and it is a heartbreak. The problem is that in this day and age excommunication will have little effect. Chances are Governor Cuomo does not receive Holy Communion and if he does, then it is up to anyone who observes it to publicly shame him for his mortal sin upon mortal sin.

The clergy of the USA needs to make it clear that there is no impediment to political discourse in a church as long as it is not advocating whom to vote for, but rather when choosing a candidate to choose one who has the qualities that mesh with our beliefs.


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