Black History Month: Blessed Peter To Rot

For those young Catholics in the diocese who sometimes feel misunderstood when they want to express their faith publicly in a city like New York, pray to Blessed Peter To Rot for help.

Black History Month: Blessed Isidore Bakanja

We will never meet Blessed Isidore Bakanja on this side of heaven. But if you’re looking for a holy friend who might know a thing or two about forgiveness, look no further than Bakanja to intercede on your behalf.

Black History Month: St. Josephine Bakhita

Who is St. Josephine Bakhita? The answer is as beautifully complex as the woman, pictured to the left, whose feast day is celebrated Feb. 8 — the same day the church acknowledges as the International Day of Prayer and Awareness against Human

Let Them Speak: Remembering Kobe

“We’re not girls, we’re athletes,” was engrained in my brain ever since my middle school basketball coach made us say it out loud after practice. Coach Allen would say, “You’re not girls, you’re what?” and we would shout, “Athletes!” and then head to the locker room.

Let Them Speak: Remembering Panama

Three years ago, if you told me that I’d be going to Panama for World Youth Day 2019, I’d advise you to consult a psychologist, because in my book, you’d be considered crazy.