Spring 2020: College Edition

The Tablet’s Spring 2020: College Edition is an informative resource on colleges and enrollment for students and parents of the Brooklyn Diocese.

Only in Print: Xaverian HS Students Get ‘Court-Side’ View

Wearing judicial robes and holding a small print copy of the U.S. Constitution and standing behind his desk in his chambers, New York State Supreme Court Judge Vincent Del Giudice told the story of the two thieves to students from Bay Ridge’s Xaverian H.S.

Black History Month: Blessed Peter To Rot

For those young Catholics in the diocese who sometimes feel misunderstood when they want to express their faith publicly in a city like New York, pray to Blessed Peter To Rot for help.

Black History Month: Blessed Isidore Bakanja

We will never meet Blessed Isidore Bakanja on this side of heaven. But if you’re looking for a holy friend who might know a thing or two about forgiveness, look no further than Bakanja to intercede on your behalf.