Let Them Speak: Dear Youth: Take Action

If I could take away one thing from working with LOVE, HALLIE Foundation, it would be this: Young people truly have the capacity to get meaningfully involved in any cause they choose if they are provided the tools and resources to do so.

The Tablet All-Scholastic Team 2018

The Class of 2018 includes nearly 2,800 graduates from 18 Catholic high schools in Brooklyn and Queens. Each year, The Tablet recognizes one outstanding graduate from each school as a way of saluting that year’s entire class.

Let Them Speak: I Can Do All Things

I have been in a wheelchair all of my life. I was born with a disability called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 7A – a connective tissue disorder affecting my muscles and joints – and have had almost 30 major surgeries. I couldn’t have done it without God by my side. I face many obstacles, some are harder for me, but I have always found strength in my faith.

Let Them Speak: How I Found Faith Again

Religion may not be concrete and it may not be finite. But sometimes, learning to question gives you the strength to grow – it helps you to find the true meaning you’re after and to just have faith in the path you’re supposed to take.