Students from St. Andrew Avellino Get Their Art On

Young artists from St. Andrew Avellino Catholic Academy dazzled members of their community with whimsical displays and extraordinary works of art during their annual art show June 1 at the school in Flushing.

Xaverian Walks the Talk for Pediatric Cancer

Strength prevailed on May 18 when students arrived at their school to walk in Xaverian’s first annual “Clippers Chasing Cures” cancer awareness walk, inspired by kids like them. Cancer-free and dressed in gold T-shirts, they stood alongside family and friends in blue who supported them through treatment after treatment.

Let Them Speak: Never Be Afraid of Being Yourself

My name is Jessica Dalonzo. I am a Henry Viscardi School (HVS) alumna from the Class of 2018. I also have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type 7A, a connective tissue disorder that lacks proteins called collagen, essentially affecting the muscles and joints. However, despite of my disability, I do not allow it to influence my morale and view of life. It is only the beginning.

Let Them Speak: Character, Courage and Commitment

I always viewed life through rose-colored glasses, but from 2015 to 2018, numerous circumstances in my life challenged me personally and academically. Nevertheless, these circumstances were blessings in disguise as they allowed me to overcome these hardships and give back to the community through volunteer work and define a specific career path that would benefit humanity.