Let Them Speak: Summer Checklist: College

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about college as you balance it out with all the fun you’re having. Many of you are probably thinking, “How do I use my summer to prepare for college?” Well, don’t worry because I have some advice for you.

Teen News Flash – July 28

Teen News Flash keeps you up-to-date with upcoming youth events around the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Let Them Speak: Recognizing Injustice

I may not be parading around Union Square, but in no way does that discount the amount of social justice work that I have done. In fact, when I have the time and autonomy to attend protests, I certainly will. Do these actions make me a bad Catholic? Or a bad Christian? They do not.  

Steubenville NYC

In the midst of all the noise surrounding teenagers – from the virtual world of cellphones and technology, as noted by Pope Francis, to even the physical, saturated noise within the confines of New York City – the Steubenville NYC youth conference made its way once again to St. John’s University, Jamaica, July 20-22. Carnesecca Arena was filled to near-capacity with thousands of high school students from the tri-state area.

Let Them Speak: Out of Our Caves: How Hope Arises in Despair

It was truly a nightmare scenario. Images of a dark cavern lit up TV screens in every home, coffee shop and restaurant. As humanity watched with bated breath, the focus of the world turned to a remote jungle in the distant land of Thailand. Twelve boys and their coach were found alive after nine days without food or water.

Daughters of the One, True King

During a 10-week “Daughters of the King” program, young women from St. Sebastian, Woodside, discussed love, dating, sexuality, beauty, self-worth, chastity, modesty and how to be a strong, faithful woman in Christ.

Igniting Faith at Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Grace Youth Group (OLG) in Howard Beach wrapped up its second year with a special presentation. The theme was “You are Worthy” based upon Chapter 5 in the Book of Revelations. Giving the main talk was Youth Minister Sister Heidi Delgadillo, P.C.M. from St. Joseph Co-Cathedral, Prospect Heights.