The Catholic Difference: Biden, Bernardin and Today

Given the seriousness with which the post-Watergate Washington Post takes itself, it seems unlikely that its editors strive for hilarity in devising headlines. Whatever their intention, though, they managed to make me laugh out loud at breakfast on May 20, when the headline on the jump from a page-one story about former vice president Biden’s current campaign read: Biden’s team says there’s no need for Democrats to stampede toward the left.


‘Be Reconciled With Your Brother’

As I recently celebrated the second anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood, two things came to mind. In one sense, I felt that my ordination took place only yesterday and in another, it seemed as if I have been a priest my whole life. Hence, the mystery of the priesthood! In a priest’s life, no two days are ever the same.

The Pell Case: Developments Down Under

IN THREE WEEKS, a panel of senior judges will hear Cardinal George Pell’s appeal of the unjust verdict rendered against him at his retrial in March, when he was convicted of “historical sexual abuse.” That conviction did not come close to meeting the criterion of guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt,” which is fundamental to criminal law in any rightly ordered society. The prosecution offered no corroborating evidence sustaining the complainant’s charge. The defense demolished the prosecution’s case, as witness after witness testified that the alleged abuse simply could not have happened under the circumstances charged — in a busy cathedral after Mass, in a secured space.

Scary Prayers That Are Good for You

Scary prayers are good but tough. They remind me of the road I still have to travel. They dispel comfortable illusions.And on most days, they are exactly what I need.

What Jean Vanier Taught Us

How could this death surprise me? Vanier was 90 years old, ill and living in a nursing home. But there are some people who make this weary world more bearable. We want to know they walk among us. How can you leave us, Mr. Vanier?

On the Composting of Thee and Me

It was only a matter of time before this ersatz religion’s false anthropology and cosmology – its denial of the unique status of human beings in a natural order that’s created, not accidental – would lead to the grotesque. With human composting, gussied up as a matter of ecological responsibility, the grotesque has most assuredly arrived.

Truth-telling and Big Abortion

FOR OVER A HALF-CENTURY, what styles itself the “pro-choice” movement has thrived because of its extraordinary ability to mask what it’s really about – the willful taking of innocent human lives in abortion – through various rhetorical deceptions.

The Ratzinger Diagnosis

PUBLISHED A WEEK short of his 92nd birthday, Joseph Ratzinger’s essay on the epidemiology of the clergy sex-abuse crisis vividly illustrated his still-unparalleled capacity to incinerate the brain-circuits of various Catholic progressives.