Why Wait? How Advent Waiting Changes Us

Wait in hope, faith and love, the wise ones say. Wait and pray. Slow the rhythm of your hearts to God’s time. We young ones are always impatient – can we be anything else? – but when we listen to their wisdom, we learn. Families are made by waiting. Made for waiting together.

We Cannot Wait Passively

IT’S BEEN A BIT of a different Advent this year. For starters, the season began more than a week after Thanksgiving. When you are used to lighting that first candle of Advent the Sunday immediately following Thanksgiving, this twist in the liturgical calendar was a challenge for many of us.

Anxiety and Vocational Discernment

“THE PURPOSE of vocational discernment is to find out how to transform (our choices), in the light of faith into steps toward the fullness of joy to which everyone is called.”

Prepare the Way

There are many more things you can do to “prepare the way of the Lord” in your life. The important thing is that you do something. And the more you do for Him this Advent, the merrier your Christmas will be.

A Meditation on ‘Maranatha’

HAPPY (REAL) new year: the beginning of a new year of grace, which began Dec. 3 with the First Sunday of Advent.

“The holidays” so overwhelm our senses each December that it’s hard to remember that Advent, the season of preparation for Christmas, has a “thy-kingdom-come” dimension as well as a Nativity dimension. For the first two weeks of Advent, the Church ardently and insistently prays the ancient Aramaic Maranatha: “Come, Lord Jesus!”

I Let Jesus Find Me

A vocation to religious life becomes a reality in one way: We respond “yes” to the proposal or invitation of Christ to follow Him in a “spousal covenant” of love.

Add More Prayer to Your Advent

I was in the second grade, and my mother gave me a piece of yellow lined paper. She had written the words to a prayer on it. She told me to say the prayer 15 times every day starting on the first Sunday of Advent until Christmas Day.

Irish Faith and Culture Help Shape Diocese

As the new coordinator of Ministry to the Irish Immigrants, I look forward to building upon the good work of my predecessors. I hope to bring together all Irish Americans in Brooklyn and Queens through our heritage, our culture and above all, our faith of Jesus Christ.

Seeking the Grace of God Through All Generations

Prayer is – and always has been – a daily part of our family’s lives. I see it evident every day in the actions of our children and in the lives of our childrens’ children. Reflecting back, some of the happiest days and fondest memories of our family life are the days of receiving the sacraments. The Church forever present within us.

What’s Changed Since “Humanae Vitae”?

Rome’s Pontifical Gregorian University is hosting a lecture series to mark the 50th anniversary of “Humanae Vitae.” The series promises to examine problems that have emerged since Pope Paul wrote on the ethics of human love and family-planning. Yet the absence of “Humanae Vitae” proponents among the lecturers does not fill me with confidence.