The Way Forward in an Age of Attention Deficit

It has been said that St. John Paul II was our first “media” pope. His international visits attracted scores of media attention. Television footage of millions attending a papal Mass were awe-inspiring. In 1987, the Holy Father delivered a prayer for world peace to more than a billion people thanks to satellite TV. Media technology was helping to spread the Gospel message farther and wider than ever before.

Putin, Orthodoxy and the ‘Vatican Bogeyman’

WHILE CATHOLICISM HAS been embroiled in a crisis of sexual abuse and episcopal malfeasance reaching to the highest levels of the Church, Eastern Orthodoxy may be on the verge of an epic crack-up with major ecumenical and geopolitical consequences.

Psalm for Sexual Abuse

I SCANNED THE ROWS of baby food jars on the shelf, grabbed several in a clattering handful, and tossed them into my cart. The store assistant smiled as she rang me up.

Maintenance vs. Mission

In pondering the reform of the episcopate for the future, the distinction between maintenance and mission should be at the center of the discussion. Bishops who imagined their role primarily as one of keep-the-lid-on institutional maintenance are one of the primary causes of the McCarrick and Pennsylvania scandals.

Why Am I Still A Catholic?

In the midst of all the conversations and the sexual abuse scandals in the Church, many people are asking themselves the question, “Why am I still a Catholic?”

Isolation Can Make Jesus Invisible

NOT TOO MANY months ago I was talking to a pastor of a different parish than mine. The topic of Catholics leaving the Church came up.

Saving Synod 2018 From Itself

ANYONE LOOKING FOR a remedy for insomnia might try working through the Instrumentum Laboris (IL), or “working document,” for the XV Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to be held in Rome next month on the theme “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment.”

Full Immersion Catholicism

AS THIS CATHOLIC annus horribilis continues to unfold, perhaps some good news is in order; first, a little background.

Church to Ask Youth What They Think

by Brother Javier Hansen, F.S.C.

THE APPROACHING SYNOD on “Young people, faith and vocational discernment” next month in Rome is of huge importance to the Church. If you had told me the role I would be playing in this task a year ago, I would not have believed you.