Blessed by Sister Ave

Dear Editor: The Brooklyn Diocese has been blessed with the ministry of Sister Ave Clark, O.P., an Amityville Dominican who resides in Bayside and coordinates Heart to Heart Ministry. Presently, Sister Ave gives retreats and spiritual presentations in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. She is a pastoral counselor and brings people hope and healing. On her prayer line, she listens and offers people comfort and compassion. Her motto is “Be a Beacon of Hope.”

I recently attended a retreat at American Martyrs, where she spoke about “Inspiration and Transformation.” She was a special education teacher, and shared many heartwarming and poignant stories about children who showed her the face of Christ. She raises the awareness of her audience to the times we meet Christ in our daily lives. She tells us that it is by being open, and united with the love of Christ, that we are able to do our mission on Earth.

Look for her events that are listed in the Tablet each month. On Tuesday, April 25, there will be a special Evening of Prayer called “Alleluia Yes, Resurrection in our Life,” presented by Father Robert Lauder and Sister Ave Clark at 7:15 p.m. at Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Parish Center, Bayside. Save the date!