A Tale of Two Georges

WHEN A POPE IS ELECTED, the cardinals who have just chosen him make their way to the Hall of Benedictions atop the narthex of St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pastor, Mentor, Confessor

Dear Editor: I have known Father Rock since my childhood (“St. John’s Priest Is a ‘Rock’ for Athletes,” Feb. 23). He was our family pastor.

Vatican Announces Cardinals Newman and Mindszenty Move Closer to Sainthood

In moves that advance the sainthood causes of two of the most celebrated, and, at times, controversial Catholic figures of the 19th and 20th centuries, the Vatican announced Feb. 13 that a miracle has been attributed to Cardinal John Henry Newman and “heroic virtue” has been attributed to Cardinal József Mindszenty.

Abuse Victim Who Chained Himself to Vatican Finds Closure in Meeting

Since the Church’s sex abuse scandals first erupted, victims have tried different methods to be heard by Church authorities. Some have protested, others have marched, others still have appealed to friends and connections in order to bring their case to the Vatican.

The Courageous Honesty Of Peter Steinfels

PETER STEINFELS’ long career in journalism included years of service as editor of Commonweal (from which perch he took me to the woodshed more than once), followed by a decade as senior religion correspondent of the New York Times.

Pope to California Pilgrim: Clerical Sex Abuse is a ‘Horrible Crime’

                         By Christopher White, The Tablet’s National Correspondent  PANAMA CITY, Panama – Pope Francis told an American pilgrim taking part in World Youth Day that clerical sex abuse is a “horrible crime” and that “even if it is just one person, the Church should […]

Latin American Church to Take Center Stage at World Youth Day in Panama

In the same way that the contributions of Hispanic Catholics in the U.S. Church were given a spotlight at last September’s Encuentro, World Youth Day will be an occasion for the entire world to get a glimpse of the rich enthusiasm that Hispanic and Latino Catholics bring to the Church worldwide.