Bishop DiMarzio Encourages Spiritual Communion During Time of Isolation

by The Tablet Staff

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio released a video on the Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 22, for the Brooklyn and Queens faithful. This message from the bishop was released just one day after four new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the diocese. On March 21, the diocese confirmed that Our Lady of Charity, Crown Heights and the diocesan headquarters in Park Slope were affected by the outbreak. In Queens, St. Rose of Lima, Rockaway Beach and St. Kevin’s in Flushing.

In the bishop’s video, he spoke about the practice of spiritual communion, or when circumstances prevent one from receiving Holy Communion.

“When it is not possible for us to go to Church, we can ask the Lord to come to our hearts and unite ourselves with the Lord. For many of us it is a great and new practice,” Bishop DiMarzio said.

In the video, Bishop DiMarzio also addressed the sacrament of Reconciliation. He encouraged the faithful to do a personal penance in this time of isolation.

“During this time of confinement, we are not far from God’s grace, not far from the Eucharist, and not far even from the forgiveness of our sins,” he said. “Keep these things in mind as these days go on. Ask the Lord to come to you, to come to your heart, to bring you His Grace, to bring you His forgiveness.”

This was the second series of videos the bishop recorded from his residence chapel. The first video message was on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19 where he also addressed the coronavirus outbreak.

To see Bishop DiMarzio’s March 22 video to the faithful and other videos of the Diocese of Brooklyn Press Office click here. 

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