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Around the School Bell: TMLA Engineering Week

(Photo: The Mary Louis Academy)

During a week at The Mary Louis Academy ‘s Women in Engineering program, students completed more than 10 hands-on projects and learned about different fields of engineering. 

“When I came here I didn’t know anything about engineering, and to be honest, I thought I would be a little bit bored,” said rising freshman Chloe Riche. “But, turns out the exact opposite happened and I loved it!”

Some of the projects for the Jamaica Estates high school students included the marshmallow challenge, which was a take on civil engineering; changing milk into the plastic to learn about chemical engineering; and a marshmallow slingshot activity, which was about mechanical engineering.

A tour of the engineering labs at Hofstra University, L.I., was a highlight of the week.

 “And I’m also coming back next year to be a Peer Leader to help with everyone else,” said rising sophomore Adijah Joseph. “It was a really good experience. I enjoyed it.”