TMLA Hoops All-Americans Team Up at Notre Dame

Former stars Danielle Patterson and Jordan Nixon from The Mary Louis Academy are back together again on the court for the University of Notre Dame. Both were All-Americans in high school.

Youth Views: What makes you happy?

The Tablet asks students from around the Diocese of Brooklyn a question for the opinion section of the Youth page. This week: The Mary Louis Academy, Jamaica Estates.

St. Bridget Award

Sister Kathleen McKinney, C.S.J., who has been a Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood, for more than 50 years, and has dedicated her life to education, is receiving the St. Bridget Award.

Breathing Your Way To New Beginnings

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by transition, I offer you these coping mechanisms and techniques. Take time for yourself. Your schedule may be hectic, however, you must learn to manage your time and give yourself the necessary hours of sleep. Also, remind yourself to “just breathe and relax.” Positive self-talk will assist in bettering your state of mind.

Transition at Mary Louis

Dear Editor: Thanks for great story about the “New Principal at Mary Louis” (April 28).

Implementing Morning Meditation at TMLA

I discovered scientific evidence conducted through randomized control trials (RCTs) and MRI (brain scan) studies which found that when practiced consistently, mindfulness meditation has the power to alter the structures and functions of the brain to reduce levels of stress, improve physical and mental health, increase cognitive performance, and overall show greater well-being.

Stanner Wins At Tablet’s H.S. Press Awards

A total of eight high school newspapers from around the diocese went head to head with one another in order to earn a top spot in one of the 12 selected categories. The Stanner newspaper of Archbishop Molloy H.S., Briarwood, swept this year’s Tablet High School Press Awards May 4 by earning 10 awards, including first place in General Excellence.

Let Them Speak: Leaders of Change

To all legislators, I ask: Are you willing to stand up for the defenseless and the victimized that are constantly affected by gun violence? How many innocent lives will it take for there to be an understanding that gun violence is and will remain an issue if there is no reform?