Letters to the Editor

Are You Willing to Pay for It?

Dear Editor: I want to put my two cents in re undocumented immigration.

First thing: the U.S.A. gives billions of American dollars every year to impoverished and not so impoverished countries, some of which do not even like us. Sovereign nations and sovereign peoples have an obligation to maintain order within their own borders.

Second thing: for those who would advocate open borders and admittance to all, do you understand that everyone will come here and stay here if there weren’t oceans and borders to cross?

It is an absolutely noble concept to welcome all, but are you willing to pay for it? Guess who will get the blame when the American ‘standard of living’ plummets after we make nice to all who seek entry into the country?

So how much of your income taxes are you willing to give the government to make you feel good?


Fresh Meadows