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Illegal Alien, A Legal Term

Dear Editor: I am writing this letter in memory of my grandmother and in respect for my mother. Both my grandmother and mother came to the United States legally as immigrants. Each became a proud American citizen within five years.

My mother continually gets upset when everyone is called immigrants, whether they are here illegally or legally. People who enter the country legally, like my family did, display respect for American law and sovereignty; those that ignore both by overstaying their visas or entering the USA illegally don’t and are not immigrants but are illegal aliens. Immigrants and illegal aliens are legal terms.

If we are to have an honest discussion about illegals and immigrants then accuracy and critical thinking needs to be applied; emotion has nothing to do with a sane dialogue. Every nation has laws to secure their borders; why is it considered racist, xenophobic or hateful to determine the integrity of American borders?

If you wouldn’t leave the door to your home wide open to allow strangers in, why is it “hateful“ to determine who is allowed in USA?

I am at a loss as to why leftists, liberals, democrats, as well as many Church leaders not understand the simple concept of security and safety. I have not encountered open rectory doors but I truly understand why.

Dialogue should also include the impact on American taxpayers (entitlements and other services). A civil but honest dialogue is imperative.


Forest Hills

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