Letters to the Editor

The President on the Front Page

Dear Editor: I was amazed to see the picture of President Trump on the cover of the February 1 edition of The Tablet.

This is the man who has made fun of the disabled, a known sexual predator, who has committed adultery several times, divorced twice and is a known liar. He has cheated and been accused of conspiring with enemies of our country. The person who separates parents from their children and keeps them in camps, where some of those children have lost their lives. Oh, yes, he is so pro-life!

When a Catholic paper puts a person of this caliber on the front page, without acknowledging that he has now used Christians, and the Church for his gain it makes me ashamed to be a Catholic.

I attended a Catholic school taught by nuns. My grandchildren have attended Catholic schools. I am ashamed of what the church has become if this is the way of it now. We can support the cause without giving voice to a man who is the exact opposite of all of the teachings and examples of Christ.

Perhaps this kind of hypocritical selling out is the reason the churches are empty on Sunday mornings.

Valerie Pekar 


Editor’s note: We simply report the news. History was made on Friday, January 24, when President Donald J. Trump, regardless of some people’s opinions of him, became the first sitting president to attend the annual March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. We do not make editorial decisions based on political bias.