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YV: What is a sacrifice that you’ve made that was worth it?

Alyssa Forrest, sophomore St. Edmund Prep Alyssa Forrest, sophomore
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice that I made was that my friends all wanted to go to one high school that I particularly did not like and neither did my mom. So we stayed with St. Edmund’s. It was worth it because my friend’s ended up going to St. Edmund’s and I made new friends, too!

Roberta Culleton, freshman St. Edmund Prep Roberta Culleton, freshman
St. Edmund Prep

A sacrifice I made was waking up earlier to come to St. Edmund’s rather than waking up an hour later and going to my local high school.



Nicole Khrimian, freshman Archbishop Molloy H.S. Nicole Khrimian, freshman
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

I gave up a lot of free time, including weekends, to study and to play the piano. This has helped me get into Archbishop Molloy and allowed me to play in Carnegie Hall and in Armenia.


Christian Horan, senior Archbishop Molloy H.S. Christian Horan, senior
Archbishop Molloy H.S.

I gave up my time to travel to Nicaragua and do service work. I leaned how to be happy without being materialistic and how to find joy in more human and natural things.


Wadley Fleaurime, senior St. Edmund Prep Wadley Fleaurime, senior
St. Edmund Prep

I gave up my summer vacation to go to work and earn money. It was a great experience since I paid for my food and traveling expenses with the money I earned. I understand a little better how the world works.

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