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Youth Views: Who inspires you and why?

y-fontbonne-jbJenna Borrelli, senior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

My mother is my inspiration because she is the strongest woman in my life. She constantly puts my happiness over hers and makes sure I feel safe in every situation.




y-blBrandon Leftwich, senior
Xaverian H.S.

I’m very inspired by my mother. Day in and day out I see her work so hard for our family. When I’m older, I hope to have the same effect on my family.





y-fontbonne-igIsabella Grillo, junior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

My inspiration is my mom because she remained strong, confident and loving during her battle with ovarian cancer and kept things normal for me and my sister.





y-jbJulia Bonanno, freshman
The Mary Louis Academy

My inspiration is my Nonna because she always wants me to try my best and always be true to myself during hard times. She is also a very religious figure for me because she inspires me to pray and stay close to God whenever and wherever I need Him.