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Youth Views: What’s your take on New Year’s resolutions?

st-agnes--yv--je_cmykJuliana Estevez, freshman
St. Agnes A.H.S.

I think New Year’s resolutions are great because they are a way of improving yourself and striving to become a better version of yourself. My New Year’s resolution for this new year is to continue to do well in school and to spend more time volunteering!



st-agnes--yv--bs_cmykBriana Stephenson
Sophomore, St. Agnes A.H.S.

Although many people do not follow their New Year’s resolution, I feel that it is important to set goals for yourself. The new year is a great opportunity to do something great. My New Year’s resolution is to figure out what I would like to be when I grow up. I know that in 2016, I will be able to find out more about what I like to do.



st-agnes-yv-mb_cmykMegan Burns, junior
St. Agnes A.H.S.

I usually do a New Year’s resolution but it never lasts the whole year. My New Year’s resolution this year is to try to live a healthier lifestyle, physically and emotionally.




st-agnes--yv--jn_cmykJonnie Nicosia
Senior, St. Agnes A.H.S.

I believe New Year’s resolutions are a way of people trying to change themselves for the better. I try to partake in them, but if I do not follow though with a resolution it simply means I am not meant to change at this time in my life. Where you are in your life is exactly where God wants you to be. Even through hard times, it is just a test of your faith.



st-agnes-yv--ssSelena Sankar, senior
St. Agnes A.H.S.

I believe that New Year’s resolutions are a great thing to do. Setting goals for yourself motivates you to continue climbing the mountain and reach its highest peak. It gives me, personally, drive and ambition.