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Youth Views: What motivates you to accomplish your goals?

yv-sf-yq_cmyk-webYasmeen Qureshi, Sophomore
St. Francis Prep

I’m motivated by the people around me. Each day I can’t wait for an opportunity to see my friends and connect with other people.





yv-hc-al-webAndrew Laurenzano, Junior
Holy Cross H.S.

I am committed to sports and my education. I commit myself to sports because I love playing them and they help me create goals for myself to reach. The same thing goes for education, as succeeding in class will aid me in the future.





yv-sf-rebecca-zhang-webRebecca Zhang, Junior
St. Francis Prep

Thinking about my future motivates me a lot. When I don’t feel like going to school or just waking up so early in the morning, I think about how important it is.





yv-sf-sa-webSarika Aurora, Sophomore
St. Francis Prep

I want to be a pediatric oncologist when I grow up. Though school is difficult, fulfilling this goal is my motivation.





yv-hc-nt-webNabil Tavarez, Junior
Holy Cross H.S.

I am committed to doing well in school because I can see how much my parents sacrifice to help me with my education.