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Youth Views: What is a virtue or value we should strive for as a country?

yv-thThomas Houghton
Sophomore, St. Francis Prep

Freedom is the most important virtue in our country. I think we can display this virtue by accepting everyone no matter their differences. Also, we can focus on not holding ourselves and anyone back, to allow ourselves and others the freedom to pursue their dreams.




yv-saSarika Arora, junior
St. Francis Prep

As a nation, we strive for the virtue of tolerance, serving as a haven for all those who need it. Personally, I try to embody this ideal by being accepting and open to the people I encounter.




yv-moMichelle Osojnak, senior
St. Francis Prep

Unity is what brought our country together in the early days of the colonies. Through unity, we as a nation can bring together other countries under a common cause. On my own, I can do so little but with a backing so much is possible.




yv-mgMiguel Gonzales, junior
St. Francis Prep

Due to freedom of expression many civil rights advocates have been able to create change when the government was failing to do so. As a maturing American citizen, it is important to not forget that I can voice my opinion freely on any social topic and create change for the better.