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Youth Views: What does Easter mean to you?

yv-rmRebecca McFadden, senior
St. John’s Prep

Easter is the season in the Church where we celebrate forgiveness and unconditional love, as we remember Jesus rising from the dead.




yv-ssStella Solano, sophomore
St. John’s Prep

Easter is that time of the year when we acknowledge the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It isn’t supposed to be a somber day but a joyful day knowing that God loves us so much that He sent His Son to set us free.




yv-dkDavid King, senior
St. John’s Prep

Easter, to me, is a time to praise God and recall the Resurrection, but it is also a time to be thankful for all that I have especially my family, whom I spend every Easter with.




yv-mcMafrei Caranay, sophomore
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.

Easter us a time to reflect on everything Jesus has done for us and if we are content with the life we are living, whether it is how He would want us to be and how we contribute to today’s world. It is a time of thanksgiving, reflection, and joy for all.




yv-eeElectra Economopoulos, freshman
St. John’s Prep

Easter is a celebration of everything Christ has done for us and our families. Even if a person is not very religious, there is still always a reason to thank God for everything.