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Youth Views: What do you enjoy about your culture?

Kirsa Danis, Senior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

Every New Years, my family makes a special dish to celebrate the coming of the New Year. It’s great to sit around the dinner table with the family to remind you of why you love them.

Rebecca Kaminski, Senior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

Since my family is Italian, we eat a lot of good food, especially around the holidays. For example, on Christmas Eve, we have a bunch of seafood such as shrimp, clams and calamari. On Christmas, we have antipasto, some sort of pasta and then either ham or pork.

Keelin Hammill, Junior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

I do Irish step, so it’s pretty fun to use that at certain events like weddings and/or other parties.

Laura Piccard, Junior
Fontbonne Hall Academy

I’m Irish and Italian. My sister, mom, aunts and I all do Irish dancing, so that’s cool that we can all connect on that. Also, my family enjoys cooking together for special occasions.

Faye Fudjinski, Freshman
Fontbonne Hall Academy

I’m Irish and Polish. I have always gone to the St. Patrick’s Day parade. My grandma would teach me Polish recipes when I was younger.