Our Youth

Youth Views: What difficult decisions do you or did you face?




Emmanuel Adames, freshman
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

I constantly have to decide on whether to stay after school to complete assignments or go to basketball practice. Education is important but so is being a good teammate. Hard decisions!






Angie Gruban, sophomore
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S


One difficult decision I had to make was picking a high school. The high school you go to determines the college you go to. I had to think a lot about it, but I am proud of my decision.





Christopher Viola, sophomore
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.


One of the hardest things I have to decide is going against the status quo. It may seem like a cliche, but like other teenagers, I have to face the decision of going along with the crowd or swimming upstream.





Joel Palmer, freshman
Cristo Rey Brooklyn

The two toughest decisions I have to make are figuring out what will help me academically and what will help me develop useful skills.