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Youth Views: What are your plans for summer break?

Michael Vazquez, junior
Xaverian High School

I plan on interning at a local physical therapy office to get real-world experience while still in high school.


Dante Pascale, sophomore
Xaverian High School

I love spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy going to the beach with loved ones.


Christian Agoglia, freshman
Xaverian High School

My plans for the summer break are pretty sick. I live in Rockaway Beach in Queens, so I will be surfing and hanging out all summer.


Julia Fabozzi, freshman
Xaverian High School

To play basketball and run a basketball camp for children who have special needs with my family.


Amayah Dominigue, freshman
Xaverian High School

I am volunteering for my school’s XCEL program. At XCEL, 100 kids attend a four-week program in preparation for the TACHS test for students going into eighth grade. It also teaches its youngs participants about leadership.


Kasey Noss, freshman
Xaverian High School

I’m going up to Maine with my family for about a month. We go every year so I’m really looking forward to it! After that, I’m going to a camp at Brown with my friend. Then it’s back to workouts for the upcoming fall soccer season.