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Youth Views: How are you observing the Year of Mercy?

yv-qhQuentin Holmes, junior
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S.

I am on a mission to be more forgiving. We all know that people make mistakes. Unless you are someone who is perfect and makes no mistakes, you should not look down upon someone else for their faults. Forgiveness can also strengthen relationships.




yv-bwBarron Wei, sophomore
Xaverian H.S.

For the Year of Mercy, I strive to be more patient with everyone as we all grow and mature at different rates.





yv-ym-2Yesenia Morales, junior
The Mary Louis Academy

I’m observing the Year of Mercy by doing more service for those in need. This includes volunteering at a soup kitchen.





yv-jbarbatiJoseph Barbati, junior
Xaverian H.S.

For the Year of Mercy, I’m trying to be more helpful. Growing up with two brothers it is hard to help them – not because you don’t love them unconditionally but because you don’t want them to know how much you care for them. Now, I’m trying to help my younger brother with school and basketball.