Our Youth

Youth Views: Compare yourself today to a few years ago

Ryan Wnorowski, freshman
St. John’s Prep

I’ve matured, gotten smarter and more athletic.


Maria Kostaras, junior
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S
I think I’ve grown mentally and matured. Looking back, I can realize mistakes I’ve made and how I’ve grown from them. One important thing I learned is that life goes on. Don’t dwell on the past, but rather look forward to the future and the plans you’ve made for yourself.


Janis Quilapio, freshman
St. John’s Prep

I have changed in many ways since a few years ago. I am more cautious of my actions and strive to do so much better.

Amanda Busanet, sophomore
Msgr. McClancy M.H.S
I’ve also changed in the sense that I learned how to accept that not everything lasts forever and that it’s important to enjoy and appreciate things now because they might not be there for long.


Catriona Mullan, freshman
St. John’s Prep
Over the past years, I have matured and grown to realize what’s important in life.