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Youth Views: Who is your inspiration and why?

y-jcJohn Criscione, sophomore
Xaverian H.S.

My Nonno and my father inspire me to become a better man. These two people in my life have showed me what a great man should look like. Those characteristics are to be a hard worker, kind and try to do good.




y-raRolando Alvare, Class of ‘16
Nazareth R.H.S.

My father motivates me because coming into the U.S. as a kid he had nothing. He worked hard to accomplish all of his goals. He started working taking out garbage in buildings and fixing apartments to have his own job. He taught me that you must work hard to reach your dreams.
Alvare will attend Lincoln University in the fall.




y-jkJonathan* Kroon, freshman
Xaverian H.S.

My inspiration is my father because he keeps on pushing me to become a better person academic-wise and also athletically. It’s hard to keep up grades while playing sports weekly, but my dad tells me the only way I will get better is to practice and study hard.




y-cpCaitlin Pedote, freshman
The Mary Louis Academy

My inspiration is my grandpa. He is hard worker, a fighter, and an amazing person.





y-aqAgustin Quiles, Class of ‘16
Nazareth R.H.S.

My father and mother motivate me the most. Reason being that they have strived so much for me and my sister to be great and I want them to be proud of me and what I do.
Quiles will attend Drexel University in the fall.